Colonised?New Nyasa Big Bullets Pink Jerseys Irk Supporters: “It’s Very Surprising And Painful”

By Blessings Kaunda

Nyasa Big Bullets players donned in their new pink jerseys in readiness to battle it out with Mzuni Fc at Mzuzu Stadium

Nyasa Big Bullets supporters in Mzuzu are embittered with the decision by the team’s sponsors to change its traditional red and white colours to pink jerseys.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) Tuesday in Mzuzu, one of the team’s die-hard Leonard Mvula said he was shocked to see players donning in pink jerseys as the team was entering Mzuzu Stadium last Sunday to face Mzuni FC.

He said it was very surprising and painful to see the team’s players putting strange pink jerseys.

The supporters were heard booing and murmuring in protest of the use of the new kit as the players entered the ground.

“They need to explain to us why they have changed colours of a team that have been there since 1967,” Mvula queried.

He said the agreement between the sponsors and team was that the sponsors would not make the team disown its traditional colours which the team is identified with and respected by its supporters.

National Nyasa Big Bullets Director of Supporters, Stone Mwamadi said supporters should bear in mind that the team is fully sponsored by Nyasa Manufacturing Company (NMC) though the agreement was that the team’s colours would always be maintained.

“It is true that the team is better known by its red and white traditional colours but we do not know why there is a change in colours despite that the jersey used on Sunday bore The People’s Team logo but we were completely put by the new colour.

We understand that NMC as sponsors have the right over the team but there was no such an agreement of changing the team’s colours in our memorandum,” he said.

NMC are the owners and sponsors of Nyasa Big Bullets which has now been commercialized.


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  1. Evergreen   June 28, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    Where there is business that has a vision to expand, there must have to be an agreement, and indeed conditions of service to bring about a win-win situation in a partnership, this should not in a way differ from the Mighty Be Forward Wanderers case when their traditional Blue and White colors were interchanged to suit the Orange sponsor’s color, and those who are not so familiar with business matters, mocked Wanderers to say they had been turned to become a PP, now what of this pink color which wisely speaking is so female(feminine)…alas because fighting over this petty issue might in the long run, risk sponsorship as other stakeholders could blow the matter out of proportion…pink NBB, pink ladies, eeeish


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