No Crisis In Malawi-DPP

Press Briefing in progress: From left Secretary General Jeffrey, Publicity Secretary Nicholas Dausi, Information Minister Mark Botoman, Director of Elections Ben Phiri

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has assured development partners, business community and the private sector and the general
public that Malawi is not in a crisis.

DPP Publicity Secretary Nicholas Dausi said this Tuesday at a news
conference in Lilongwe. Dausi, who is also Minister of Homeland
Security assured the public that the country will remain peaceful.

His sentiments follow violence that erupted after May 21 elections
results. Opposition Malawi Congress Party and United Transformation Movement (UTM) disputed the presidential election results which saw President Peter Mutharika emerging winner.

“We would like to assure developmental partners, the business
community and private sector that as the DPP Government, we will
ensure that the country remains peaceful; that business is not
disrupted as we deal with the outstanding issues from the electoral
process. We wish to emphasize that the country is not in a crisis and
we look forward to the conclusion of the court processes in a peaceful
manner so that the country can move forward,” said Dausi.

He was flanked by the party’s Secretary General Grizelder Jeffrey,
Treasurer General Jappie Mhango, Director of Research and Training
Mark Botomani and Director of Elections Dr. Ben Phiri.

Dausi said those that were involved in vandalism, damage and theft of
property during the violence will be brought to book. He commended the
police for preventing further violence and property damage.

Dausi called on those perpetrating violence to stop and respect the
legal institutions and processes handling the elections court case.

“We urge all peace-loving Malawians, whether they support the DPP or
not, to exercise restraint and remain calm as we await the outcome of
the court process. We strongly believe that it is paramount to respect
the legal institutions and all the processes that are ongoing as these
are key pillars of our democracy whose independence must be protected
from political interference,” said Dausi.

“The intimidation tactics that have been deployed to hound and
demonize MEC officials alarm us and we condemn such conduct in the
strongest terms possible as it goes beyond the exercise of any
democratic right,” he added.

Malawians went to the polls on May 21 2019 where they elected
president, members of parliament and councilors.

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