Let Us Respect The Court Processes-Malawi Govt Tells Disgruntled Opposition

(For immediate release
25th June 2019)


Press Briefing in progress: From left Secretary General Jeffrey, Publicity Secretary Nicholas Dausi, Information Minister Mark Botoman and Director of Elections Ben Phiri

Government has regrettably observed the violence that has erupted in the country following the May 21 2019 elections results especially the presidential result. We have seen property being damaged and people being attacked. All this is happening when electoral disputes are in court.

As Government, we find the perpetration of the violence undemocratic and unpatriotic. We urge those behind the violence to stop immediately because the violence has far reaching consequences on the socioeconomic development.

We would also like to urge you media practitioners to be professional in your work. We expect you to rise above partisan politics as you carry out your work. Be objective. Be ethical. Avoid spreading fake news. Avoid being used by politicians for bad reasons. Most of you are young people and you have a long future in store for you.

Let me also remind the country that the Electronic Transactions and Cyber Security Law is in effect. This law punishes those who abuse social media. I want to caution those who abuse social media that this law will catch up with them one day. We must love our country. We must be responsible citizens.

In conclusion, let me echo what the DPP Publicity Secretary Honourable
Nicholas Dausi has said that those involved in the damage of property in the ongoing violence in the country will be held accountable. They will pay for the damages. Government will not allow anarchy and lawlessness to continue.

The country has a President who took oath of office and deserves our respect.



One Response to "Let Us Respect The Court Processes-Malawi Govt Tells Disgruntled Opposition"

  1. postpartum psychosis   June 26, 2019 at 10:45 am

    its a very bad picture out there. demonstrating and beating up people for the issue which is in court is very sad development. everyone is in fear of this so called reverend. it has been learnt that the judges who are presiding over the election case are on heavy military escorts to and from the court yard. what is dr reverend trying to tell us? is this the reason the former mcp members left the party? were they silenced for fear of losing their lives? this laz is very venomous and as deadly as a cobra to our young democracy hardly won from the same dictator kongiresi. this time kongiresi is led by a dangerous undemocratic guy more fierce than kamuzu. the guy who failed to develop assemblies for 25 yrs and no single corporate social responsibility was witnessed from this church under his rule. aliyense mpaka njenjenje because of post election pyschosis which has inflicted this guy. this type is dangerous and once ascend to power they will kill our democracy and establish themselves as life presidents. this man and his kind should never be allowed to rule this country they will tramp over us. the electorate has spoken and they are fighting against the wish of the majority, nkhakamira zamtundu wanji?


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