Exposed: MCP Tried To Bribe Justice Jane Ansah

Exposed:Chakwera’s team approached Ansah several times

Jane Ansah has spilled beans during the Zodiak interview that Malawi Congress Party tried bribe her several times but she refused. As a result, MCP and UTM decided to punish her by creating a campaign that she must resign. The goal of the “Jane Ansah must resign” campaign is to discredit her.

The drive to make Jane Ansah resign is also calculated to discredit her and that she should not be a court witness in her official capacity as Chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission.

Ansah has confided in someone that she kept a recording of her conversation with MCP officials. At the same time, an MCP insider has revealed that the first plot was to eliminate her because SHE IS A THREAT but it was resolved that the best is to discredit her before she presents her evidence in court.

Other notable quotes during the interview:

“The amount of fake news created by Malawians during the election, stories created by well educated people if used properly can help Malawians create *STAR WARS*” Justice Dr. Jane Ansah, SC.

“In life, you can do everything to protect yourself. But evil minds are also working over time to beat the system” Justice Dr. Jane Ansah, SC

“A curse without reason bounces back to the sender up to their 4th generation” Justice Dr Jane Ansah, SC

“My circumstances demand that those who are saying that I should resign have the mandate, at the moment they don’t…they have surrendered that to court so let us wait for the courts to decide” Justice Dr Jane Ansah, SC

5 Responses to "Exposed: MCP Tried To Bribe Justice Jane Ansah"

  1. Greg Chisuse   June 25, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    The opposition parties they are In the corner according to what they were saying to the people they owe money for their campaign they must go to hell not miss lead people Malawi it’s not a war zone chakwera and his brother chilima you must know Malawi is apeaceful country not what nonsense ur starting in country

  2. ernesto   June 25, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    Chakwera is a devil sent by satan.very greedy and selfish

  3. Gichu   June 26, 2019 at 11:02 am

    What if its alie?

  4. Evange   June 26, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    You talk without reasoning first. If Jane Ansah is okay and very clean, why is she fighting for avoiding the hearing of the case at the court? She said in the interview that electral cases end at high court, they are unappealable? Why then did her MEC layers appeal? Those photos she had at Peter’s swearing-in with DPP fans, how can she say that she did not even see their clothes? She said that we, Malawians, can’t all be lawyers, meaning that we need some law lessons to understand this electral issue, is that true? Did we need any law lessons to go and vote? Are we then acting savage when querying about the irregularities of the just past elections? She talked with so much confidence, doing something like trying to reason with us, the-not-learned-enogh people. She even said it in the same way twice (in English interview and in chichewa interview ). She educated us to understand that k1 000 000 is 1000kg. She said that K60 000 000 will need a vehicle that can carry 60 000kg. She said k2 000 000 000 will need 120 trucks each rated 10ton. Seriously? Is this true? What does she take us for, idiots? You don’t even need a 4ton truck to carry 2 billion kwacha.

  5. pk issah   June 27, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    If Chakwela knows what he is the one who was winnieThe election why is going to make demo he knows the truth that he was not winning


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