Damage Caused By Chakwera, Chilima And Mtambo So Far

Reverend Chakwera’s thugs being transported from one place to another to cause havoc and bloodshed

The following is some the damage caused by the call for violence led by Lazarus Chakwera, Saulos Chilima and Timothy Mtambo.

Two children were killed in Mponela in Dowa when MCP went on a breaking rampage and marching on the first day.

Destroying and looting a farm at Mpingu along Lilongwe Mchinji Road – where they have burnt a hatchery after stealing all the chickens there in, destroying a 2-tonne vehicle, stealing all piglets at the farm, damaging a warehouse from which they have stolen hundreds of bags of maize and soya.

Damaging Nkhata Bay District Hospital ambulance while it was on a patient referral assignmnent to Mzuzu Distirct Hospital, leading to the death of the patient in the vehicle as the protestors delayed the vehicle from reaching Mzuzu Hospital in time.

Breaking into and looting of shops in Lilongwe and Mzuzu. This includes a Bata shop in Mzuzu where all shoes were stolen broke into and stole all the shoes

Damaging  of Ecobank in Mzuzu

Damaging FDH Bank

Stealing K4 million from a Lilongwe business man who operates his shop behind K99 complex

Plundering and looting an ICT equipment shop in Area 3, Lilongwe

Damaging and stealing installations at Parliament Building

Destroying advertising billboards and road signs along Chipembere Highway in Blantyre, Katoto roundabout and Presidential Way in Lilongwe.

Digging up Lilongwe Old Airport-Kasiya-Santhe Road

Pelting stones at and injuring police officers,  and stealing their equipment

Damaging seven primary schools in Lilongwe.

Breaking into and looting MRA offices in Mzuzu and destroying its vehicles

Breaking scores of private vehicles in Mzuzu and Lilongwe.

Torching of police units at Nsundwe and Mpingu along Lilongwe-Mchinji Road.

Injuring and maiming scores of innocent citizens

MCP supporters in criminal act
One of the damaged vehicle during the protests

One Response to "Damage Caused By Chakwera, Chilima And Mtambo So Far"

  1. mcp brutality   June 25, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Kukodzera ndi kunyerera ma file ku capital hill komanso kumenya ndi kuthamangitsa ogwira ntchito mĀ“boma, kuopseza ma jaji ndi zinyau, kuthibula dausi, kugagada viola ndi zikwanje ngati nkhumba. Zigandanga za zilope chakwera and saulo


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