Now That MPs Are About To Be Sworn In, Let’s Talk Results…Forget About Tippex Propaganda

Today the innocent corrective fluid is associated with rigging elections. Some unsuspecting villagers think that it must be some sophisticated computer device.

Opposition parties singing “Atibela” song have accepted the MP and Councillor results as free fair and credible.

All voting station had monitors at all the centres. Results counting for Presidential votes were done by the same officers/monitors, signed off by the same monitors before submission.

All political parties had a representative at the voting and counting centre, including the MCP and UTM. Their monitors are the ones who were signing off the results before the MEC can announce them.

The MEC process is that before the results announced, they get given to the party representatives. If the party representatives were not satisfied with the results or there were issues, the results were NEVER announced.

We saw this process with Mangochi, Lilongwe North West and two other constituencies. Due to the disputes, the announcement of the results was held until all disputes are resolved. The whole nation watched Justice Dr Jane Ansah SC sharing the process.

Opposition parties, particularly MCP and UTM, found it convenient to accept and sign off all the results before the announcement, but only to dispute the Presidential results in public.

Simple questions we should ask is, “did the MCP and UTM monitors count the Councillor and Parliamentary votes so well, but selectively forgot how to count when it comes to Presidential votes?”

The truth is that it is not so. Presidential elections were the ones to come in first, followed by Parliamentary, and then Councillors. Every centre had a team of international Auditors who were there to audit the process and validating the results submission.

NICE and Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) were running their parallel tally centres. These parallel tally centres were meant to verify the MEC results received versus what they received independently.

In their report, they got the results close to the MEC with a small deviation.

In its report, MESN says, “at 96% of sampled polling stations a Chakwera/MCP party representative signed the official presidential results form while at 99% of sampled polling stations a Mutharika/DPP party representative signed official presidential results form.”

2019 election results were signed off by all political parties. That is why Chakwera also went to be sworn in as an MP yesterday at the BICC.

The elections were credible, free and fair as the Internation observers, local observers and NGOs said.

Forget the Tippex propaganda, this kicking and screaming by Chakwera and Chilima is nothing but political posturing.

Let us move on building developing the country? We can do politics again in 2024. Chakwera and MCP signed off and accepted the results.

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  1. Pedegu   June 12, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    Good analysis well done boss

  2. Ji   June 13, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    Fuck your mother


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