The Day Malawi Was Nearly Sold To The Loan Sharks

The loss of the election by opposition leaders Lazarus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima is a blessing in disguise for Malawi.

Revelations are that UTM leader and MCP leader already signed backstreet contracts to sell the country to the highest bidder, especially their loan sharks who funded their campaigns. The sale was going to be done through ring-fenced contracts.

Rejection of the results of election results by Chilima and Chakwera has got nothing to do with its credibility or Tippex.

Twenty per cent into vote counting, Lazarus Chakwera saw that the voting patterns did not change and that Chilima was eating Central Region votes, instead of the South. Chakwera panicked. He knew that he has lost!

Chilima knew from day two that Malawi did not respond to the “change” message he was trying to sell to the nation. As we speak, UTM has already held Executive meetings chaired by Chilima and Kaliati to accept the loss, and plan for 2024.

What these two leaders are not telling Malawians is how much they received from loan sharks to fund their campaign. They are not revealing how much they were trying to sell Malawi for!

Chilima alone spent over 120 million kwacha on petrol if we calculated the total kilometres he claims to have travelled. His campaign runs close to a billion kwacha.

Chakwera had too many sugar-daddies, including Simbi Phiri. Central Region people were bought to stop some voters from going to vote. Hence the low voter turn-out recorded there.

No funder can put in millions into a campaign without expecting to regain their monies from the system. We saw this with Raila Odinga in Kenya. When he lost, the contracts he pre-signed with the funders who wanted big infrastructure projects were exposed.

Chilima and Chakwera must stop crying “atibela”, “atibela”.

Let them come out clean on how much they tried to sell Malawi for in order to secure the loans they did for campaign funding.

There is more to this bitterness of the loss by the opposition than meets the eye. And it is about the money, not even the credibility of the elections.

Malawi was sold as collateral to the highest bidder of loan sharks!

2 Responses to "The Day Malawi Was Nearly Sold To The Loan Sharks"

  1. Reporter meets losers   June 11, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    Reporter: SKC what next for you?

    SKC: well I have to work extra hard now as I got loan sharks to pay and also Kasambala is consuming K3million every week to buy judges for our election case.

    Reporter: Mr Chakwera the Malawian people were dazed by how 1 mother tongue can have 2 fluent accents?

    Chakwera: hahahahahaha it was faked, and am glad it’s over, the way my mouth use to hurt at night, I have to go now Miaowwwwwwwwwwww is calling me.

    Reporter: hahahahahahahahahahah LMAO

  2. John Phiri   June 11, 2019 at 9:00 pm

    The colour of Mlomwe. Nothing in his head but stealing only.

    Even a professor masterminds theft of votes.

    So sad


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