How The MCP Tippexed Its Way To A Loss In These Elections

Chakwera: The MCP made a mess of trying to Tippex the elections, but only to Tippex it to their loss

Counting process of the votes commenced immediately after the results submission for the May 21st elections.

Counting requires two things, understanding mathematics and balancing the numbers. Votes first came in as streams, then consolidated into one centre before submission.

Voting centres are split into streams to ensure alphabetic allocation of the voters and to enhance efficiency at the voting centre.

Sum total of votes in all streams cannot be higher than the total number registered at that voting centre. If that is the case, then the error must be corrected before submission. This is where the Tippex came in.

When you look at the results that came in, the Central Region was the slowest to trickle in. Results announcements were not per district or region, but we later learnt that the Central Region was behind.

Central Region results were behind because that is the region where there was a lot of engineering of the numbers through the use of Tippex.

Initial analysis by MCP was that Chilima was going to eat Southern Region votes, but it did not happen. Instead, Chilima and APM were eating a huge chunk of Central Region, sealing Chakwera’s loss.

On seeing this, the MCP resorted to a primitive tool to help bolster its numbers in the Central Region. Tippex. No one was going be suspicious with their high margin win since it is their “base”.

DPP and other party monitors were chased away by the MCP during the counting process in central region – the MCP wanted to cook the results alone. But the MCP could not count.

When numbers were not balancing, the MCP resorted to Tippex which they had already given their officials to alter the results with.

There is a lot of Tippex elections noise, but one fact you are not being told is that such did not occur at a scale as more extensive as the Central Region, by the MCP.

The MCP made a mess of trying to Tippex the elections, but only to Tippex it to their loss. Tippex did not save them from the embarrassing loss they suffered.

Demonstrations that are mushrooming all over about the “Tippex” are nothing but the MCP demonstrating against themselves. After losing, it is convenient for the MCP to claim that they were cheated.

Chakwera called on the MCP to immediately release the results on day 1 of counting. The MCP held the emergency on the same day of the 22nd of May because they knew that they have lost the eletions, the electoral patterns of 2014 did not change much.

Chakwera is not admitting that he cheated, but could still not win. Now he wants to use his own cheating to make a call for a “re-run” or whatever he wants to get a second chance.

MEC reported very fairly on the areas where there were irregularities, and Central Region was one of them, especially counting fraud in favour of the MCP.

Without the Tippex, the MCP would have lost even more dismally.

Chakwera has Tippex to thank for the close margin he received.

What is left now is for the MCP and UTM supporters to Tippex this loss from their memories and focus on 2024, they are fighting a losing battle.

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