APM Chides MCP Cry Babies: You Will Demonstrate Till 2024

Mutharika: They failed to the give the people a convincing message

President Peter Mutharika on Sunday scorned MCP for its love for crying after every elections, saying Lazarus Chakwera and his protestors will keep demonstrating till 2024 – when they will protest again for losing the elections.

MCP has become a specialist in crying after every elections.

Instead of making an honest assessment of itself why it keeps losing elections, MCP preoccupies itself with crying that they have been robbed victory.

According to political analysts, MCP’s escapist behaviour clouds out the need for the party to do a serious soul-searching of itself why it keeps losing the elections, out of which it can draw and implement practical strategies for them to perform better in the next elections.

Speaking at a DPP ‘Thank You’ rally in Blantyre on Sunday, President Mutharika mocked MCP that at every election, the party cries that it has been robbed victory and goes on the street to protest against the results.

“I told you who will die on May 21,” he said referring to the propaganda which opposition parties spread in the run-up to the elections that Mutharika is dead. “They died on May 21. They resurrected on May 23 and they have been crying since. They are demonstrating and they will keep demonstrating till 2024.”

Mutharika indicated why MCP lost the elections.

Rejected once more: Chakwera and his Atibera Volume 6 Band

“You failed to the give the people a convincing message. That is why Malawians rejected you. And we won,” he said.

MCP has lost 6 elections now and the script of its reaction has been to find a scapegoat: claim that the vote has been rigged and demonstrate while they have filed a complaint with the court.

In between the elections, MCP becomes consumed and preoccupied with unfounded bitterness that victory was stolen from them.

Ahead of this election and in a clear indication of what they spend most of their energies on, the party said, through its Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka, that they had invested in preventing the elections from being rigged by anyone.

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  1. John W Posoman   June 10, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    Kkkkkk kkk kkkkkkkkkkkk wina alira, chakwera and his atibera volume 6 band kkkkkk in additional to convincing people why did they decided to paint calamity pictures on their party, achena mai cash gate. That stuck into Malawians brain even wakumudzi does not need mai malosa cash gate,

    Hahahaha Joyce banda foundation Cash gate.


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