The Charisma of Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa


The man Kondwani Nankhumwa truly sees very far. He lives ahead of his time, and so he speaks little, but meticulously picking each word with caution. When a man knows his destiny, he surely does not look back when he speaks, and today most of us have realized Nankhumwa is one of the persons we should fix our eyes at.

Today’s victory rally of the ruling DPP was surely about vigor and valor. It was about power and prowess. But still, deeply in his composure and calmness, Nankhumwa displayed something everybody lusts after.

His style resembles that of Bingu wa Mutharika in his first term: Focused to business, and strict to the script.

That said, today’s speech of President Peter Mutharika was, by far, different. He was fun and jovial. He possessed the energy of the lion, sharpness of an eagle and flexibility of a cat.

Well, the game is getting more and more exciting.

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