COME NOW, LET US REASON TOGETHER: APM Urges Opposition To Join Him In Developing Malawi

Man of the people Mutharika arrives at Njamba

President Peter Mutharika has asked opposition leaders to be gracious in loss and unite with him in developing the country.

President Mutharika made the call at a ruling Democratic Progressive Party rally at Njamba Park in Blantyre on Sunday.

The party organized the rally to thank the people of Malawi for voting it back into government.

In his address, President Mutharika urged the opposition to accept that Malawians rejected them at the polls because they did not offer them convincing development policies.

“You failed to give the people a convincing message. That is why Malawians rejected you. We won. And I ask you to accept defeat graciously and join me in developing this country,” he said.


Thousands attending Njamba rally

The President observed that the opposition is acting contrary to his expectation that they need to be part of his efforts to develop the country.

He took exception with the violence which Lazarus Chakwera and Malawi Congress Party have been perpetrating especially in Lilongwe in reaction to their loss at the polls.

Mutharika was outraged that Malawi Congress Party protestors have been destroying development infrastructure, which he said is retrogressive and erases their chances of ever coming to power.

The property the MCP protestors have destroyed include a school and the new 95-km Lilongwe-Kasiya-Santhe Road which Mutharika opened last month. MCP followers dug up sections of the road, making it difficult to pass through.

The furious Mutharika said his government will not repair the road, which passes through Chakwera’s constituency.

“I will never repair that road. I will not repair the schools you have damaged. Stop this foolishness. We are building and they are destroying. They can never be in government because they are destructive.”

He warned Chakwera and MCP to stop the violence forthwith.

“They planned the violence ahead of the elections. They knew they would lose the election and this is who they wanted to discredit the election. MCP must stop the violence. They must stop attacking people from other regions,” he urged.


The President dismissed claims by the opposition that the DPP rigged the election.

“They are trying to disgrace me in the eyes of the world claiming that we rigged the election. DPP did not rig the election. I do not know how to rig an election. DPP does not know how to rig an election.

“Actually, it is them who were bragging about rigging before we held the elections. They said in the run up to the election that we are amateurs and we cannot rig an election,” he said.

Both UTM (Saulos Chilima) and MCP (Eisenhower Mkaka) made several claims in public that no one would rig this election.


President Mutharika also made reference to the pre-election propaganda which the opposition churned out claiming that he is dead.

“I told you who will die on May 21. The died on May 21. They resurrected on May 23 and they have been crying since. They are demonstrating and they will demonstrate up to May 2024.”


President Mutharika thanked all members of the party in all the regions for their work in the run up to the election and to voters in all regions of the country for giving the DPP a fresh mandate to govern the country for another five years.

“I thank you all for electing me to continue developing the country,” he opened his address.

He also called upon all DPP members at every level not to be complacent but rather get back to work to reorganize the party in preparation for the 2024 elections.

“Let us not be complacent because of this victory. Let us look forward to 2024. Let us work to re-organize the party, starting next week,” he instructed.

Mutharika expressed gratitude to the international community for their messages of goodwill to him and to the nation during the elections.

“To all my friends from all over the world, I say thank you for your messages of goodwill, for wishing me and the party success. I really appreciate.”


The President asked the nation to be patient as he forms a new cabinet. He said he will announce the cabinet before June 21 when he makes a State of the Nation Address.

“I am working on a new cabinet. It takes time to come up with a representative and functional cabinet. So let us be patient,” he urged.

President Mutharika won the election by 38 percent. The ruling DPP also emerged top in both the Parliamentary and Local Government elections.

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