Sorry, Professor Delivery Mutharika Is Here To Stay…Wait For 2024 Polls


Resilience or put it in a cool way, “staying power.”

I see a lot of that in DPP.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think it was in 2010 when we had the huge demonstrations where about 21 people were killed. It is sad that people died but it was good that the organisers of the demos were put to shame, DPP continued on to stay in power.

I remember also, after Bingu passed away, a lot of people from DPP made a beeline to JB, apparently to go apologise to her and have them join PP.

People thought that was the end of DPP.

Without question, JB was popular around that time. DPP couldn’t argue though handing the presidency over to her was a stupid idea where I was concerned. However looking at it from APM’s eyes, it was the best move in the interest of the country’s peace to let Joyce lead.

The next significant thing that happened was APM standing up at Bingu’s funeral telling us all that we should not worry, he was staying around to fight another day. …. I was really impressed! I got hooked to DPP.

It is man, I saw a side of APM that I thought I like in people. He was honest, brave and determined. Later after that i discovered that the man is really smart. He is not the best speaker but he doesn’t talk rubbish. What he says is well thought through and he clearly can see further than most.

Anyway, JB, that woman, she was a menace. She confiscated Bingu’s wealth, fired lomwes, chucked APM, Dausi, Kalirani and Kaliati in prison. It was bad.

Resilience or saying power. APM and DPP survived.

Not only that, two years later, elections came, DPP fought. It was tough but they won. JB bolted.

Now, just last month, on May 21, there was another election. DPP fought and won the elections in every department.

Chakwera akulira akuti mwandibera. Achinyamata ake akugenda anthu aku South but he say, the vote in the the south is his vote. It is one of those things mediocrity is made from but this is what we are fighting for, this is why DPP is here, to rid Malawi of such mediocrity.

Staying power! The battle against mediocrity rages on and has gat to be won. I don’t think DPP has come this far to go back. No, sorry!

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  1. Alfred Kandaya   June 10, 2019 at 8:51 am

    It is a good decision for Malawians to to join
    Forces on development matters rather than
    fighting for position while Elections are over and it’s mandated period as well .I would love to advise all political parties than any Damage caused due to Demonstration following Elections results, we Malawians who are the true patriots Shall need a quick refund, to a damaged service. In conjunction
    with the CODEFFO we shall sue for those who will deribarately involved to social services Damage .

    on behalf of CODEFFO (Chitukuko changa mdera langa) organization

    Chair person :Alfred Kandaya


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