MCP Violence And Hate Strategy Backfires

Still the party of death and darkness: MCP supporters attacking Southerns in Central Region

In their myopic politics, Chakwera and MCP wanted to use hate and violence to create an uprising of the Chewa people against Peter Mutharika. But look at this!!

Barbaric: MCP’s Gule wamkulu terrorising the judiciary in Lilongwe
  1. **Two children **trampled to death in Mponela. These were not Lomwe or Yao or Tumbuka children. These were Chewa children.
  2. Ten houses burnt and demolished in Dowa, Mchinji and Lilongwe (Kasiya). These houses belong to Chewa people.
  3. Twelve families evicted from their homes in Central Region because they supported DPP. These families are Chewa people.
  4. Senior Chief Mkanda of Mchinji was kicked out his bedroom at night while he was naked. This is a Senior Chewa Chief being humiliated by MCP hooligans.
  5. Gule Wamkulu is dragged out of graveyards to brandish panga knives and intimidate judges in courts. This Gule Wamkulu being disgraced and abused is a Chewa culture.
  6. Senior Chewa Chiefs have been molested, insulted and humiliated by the General Secretary of the Chewa Heritage Foundation. These are senior Chewa Chiefs who are more superior than MCP.

2 Responses to "MCP Violence And Hate Strategy Backfires"

  1. Vincent kaiwala   June 9, 2019 at 3:26 am

    Za ziiii …zangoonekeratu kuti ndiwe mtolankhani opandaso nzeru..

  2. Galumtsukwa   June 9, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Chakwera is a hero to most Malawians. No amount of lies and hatred thrown towards Chakwera will work.


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