President Mutharika Warns Rev. Chakwera: Calls For Peace, Calm And Order


National address by

His Excellency President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika

President of the Public of Malawi

Fellow Malawians

Today I wish to address you on a matter that will either build or destroy our country.

Many of us are peace loving Malawians who want to continue going about our normal lives uninterrupted. We want to continue going to work and do our businesses in order to provide for our families and together build our Nation.

As you might be aware, Malawi Congress Party supporters intruded into the Capitol Hill in Lilongwe a couple of days ago. These MCP supporters interrupted Civil Servants and other people who were working at Capitol Hill and forced each one of them to leave the Capitol Hill.

Those of you who work in Capitol Hill want to continue serving our people, providing services such health and education programs including to the same people interrupting us.

Most of us want to continue operating our businesses because that is how we earn our living and contribute to national development.

Most vendors in our cities want their businesses uninterrupted  because this is how they bring food to their families every day.

We want to continue sending our children to school because this is their future.

We want to continue working in our hospitals and clinics to save suffering lives of many innocent Malawians because we all need hospital services.

However, we have in the last few days seen Reverend Lazarus Chakwera and the Malawi Congress Party calling for violence and bloodshed in order to    bring chaos in this country.

We have seen them threatening civil servants at Capitol Hill to stop serving Malawians. These are civil servants who are working hard for this country to keep our children going to school; to provide medicine and keep our hospitals saving our lives and to keep our businesses running every day.

We have seen Reverend Chakwera and some members of his Party threatening judges and insulting our police officers for doing their job.

Many of you will recall the background to all this. We had an Election which all international observers declared peaceful, free, fair and credible. While counting of votes was in progress and before the winner was known, Malawi Congress Party started pressurizing Malawi Electoral Commission to declare Reverend Chakwera as the winner.

Suddenly, MCP went to court to stop the Malawi Electoral Commission from announcing the same results they had pressured the Electoral Commission to announce. After their injunction was vacated, results were announced and I was declared the winner. Then MCP has gone to court again to ask the court to nullify the results.

Instead of waiting for the court to do its job and the judicial process to take its course, Reverend Chakwera is mobilizing illegal demonstrations that are disrupting everybody’s life. 

Before these demonstrations, we have seen a disturbing wave of violence being inflicted on innocent Malawians soon after Reverend Chakwera called for violence in his statement. Most Malawians are now wondering what Reverend Chakwera wants.

I am advisably informed that the real goal of Reverend Chakwera is to ignore the democratic electoral process and its results; to create chaos and civil unrest using lives of unsuspecting innocent Malawians to take over Government by violence and force. This will not be allowed.

I would like to urge all Malawians to reject anyone wanting to use your life as a pawn for power hungry politicians.

Let me call upon you all fellow Malawians to maintain peace, love and unity at all times and reject leaders who terrorize and threaten the lives of our families and children.

Let us reject Reverend Chakwera’s lawlessness by mantaining our respect for our judges. We are a country of laws and judges are custodians of law. We must allow them to do their job without influence or hinderance.

I call upon all other political leaders to avoid inciting their followers to violence and anarchy. We must reject criminality in strongest terms and protect our democracy from returning to the dark era of Malawi Congress Party dictatorship and brutality.

I also appeal to all our traditional leaders, civil society organizations and religious leaders to join my Government and all peace-loving Malawians in rejecting the spirit of violence and anarchy displayed by Reverend Chakwera and the Malawi Congress Party.

In conclusion, I wish to advise you all my fellow Malawians that I have ordered our security agencies including the Malawi Police Service and Malawi Defence Force to protect innocent Malawians and their properties from those that want to cause violence and disorder. Any person inciting and perpetrating disorder will be arrested and brought book to face justice.

Thank you for your time.

God bless bless you all.

God bless Malawi.

5 Responses to "President Mutharika Warns Rev. Chakwera: Calls For Peace, Calm And Order"

  1. John W Posoman   June 6, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    Mr chakwera is a power hungry politician who automatically can’t lead the nation. And what kind of Reverend I mean of which denomination can mobilize violence among the people. Hope even to his church has been power hungered.

    Lack of mannerism. If you dont have any thing to do come to my house in Mangochi I will employ you as a cleaner whist reverending your church.
    People spoke on 21 may in peace not by mean of violence, and learn to accept if multitudes of people don’t love you and like you.
    Itoo I dont like you and I have never ever been thinking of you and your Joyce.

  2. nambewe   June 6, 2019 at 9:03 pm

    Reverend Chakwera, stop destroying our country! do you think even if things turned today and you became president ? do you think people would have respect for you? This Reverend Chakwera is why you were not elected president! You are not worthy of a president ! you are happy to destroy the country just to become a president!!! Sir you will never become the president of Malawi! This has failed like the church failed and may be you need to reconsider a third career sir! Please!Please STOP Destroying our country because we are too poor to be so wasteful. Don’t drive the police to arresting you for this terror ! That will be really baaaad for you!!!

  3. Ungwelu   June 7, 2019 at 5:13 am

    A President simunanene za Tippex. KKKKK

  4. Mvithe   June 7, 2019 at 6:29 am

    A Chakwera, za manyazi zedi izi mukuchita kwanuko ku Chigawo cha Pakati. Mwaonetsa mtundu wa Malawi nkhadza zimene emusipi mukachita pa ulamuliro wa chipani chimodzi-kupha anthu, kumenya anthu osalakwa, kulanda zinthu zaweni, kuophyedza anthu ndi kuchitira ena zaumbanda. Mapemphero aja a mtendere a pa 4 May 2019 ku BICC adapita padera chaje, haa, Mulungu wakutayani.

    Nkhani mwakatula kale ku khoti, nanga mukuchitiranji ziwawazi? Ife timaganidza kuti ngodya zinai za emusipi zikuthandidzani kusunga umodzi ndi kumvera malamulo a dziko lino la Malawi. Mwaonetsa umve umene m’badwo wa lero sadzaiwala komanso sadzakumvoterani mu chisankho cha 2024, izo ndiye mudziwiretu.

    Nkhani ya tippex, palibe nkhani apa-a bungwe la MEC adalongosola mwasatanesatane m’mene zidayendera ku malo oponya mavoti kumene kunali oimilira a zipani zonse, kuphatikizapo emusipi. Komanso kunali maoditala a kunja amene akaonerera zonse-kunalibe kufafanidza manambala a ma voti ai, musanamidze mtundu wa Malawi pa nkhani ya tippex.

  5. Francis   June 7, 2019 at 7:31 am

    God bless you.which God amene umapembedza iwe.pephero lawontchimwa phokoso kwambuye ambuye akayakha Malawi muthawi ya kamuzu yokha not this time.your a devil usabisalire mudzina lambuye foolish man.kumagwira bible kumalumbira mudzina lambuye kumbuyo utabisa tippex shame on u


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