STOP THIS NONSENSE!!! Towards May 21 Polls, Credible Research Institutions Were Even Very Consistent In indicating DPP Would Win…


Towards the 2014 tripartite elections, Afrobarometer, Nation Publications Limited (Nation on Sunday) and other credible research institutions carried out studies to predict who would win elections. The findings were very consistent in indicating the then opposition Democratic Progressive Party would win the elections.

And then came results, we know Afrobarometer never shoots it’s scientific prophesies off target. DPP won.

But opposition Malawi Congress Party gave MEC unbearable wave of pressure. MCP through it’s Presidential Candidate, Lazarus Chakwera, who was contesting for the highest political office for the first time, couldn’t accept the results.

The then Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera couldn’t survive the pressure, but oozed out rains of tears while announcing the results.

MCP also cursed the media, particularly ZBS and Nation Publications Limited saying they helped DPP to rig elections. MCP also bashed the judicial system and claimed they are agents for DPP.

Mbendera until his death was not a happy man. I believe he died while still wondering why his own men could not appreciate a deligent job he passionate did for his country. In the spirit of believing elections are only fair and credible when their candidate wins, Mbendera died a less noble and respected man. Am not saying MCP killed him. He died a natural death. But we know he was not a happy man from the time he announced the results, he didn’t even invent.

Fast forward, 2019 tripartite elections.

ZBS online on November, 6 2018 published an article it quoted three credible research institutions, Institute of Public Opinion, Financial Intelligence Unit and Afrabarometer, all singing the same chorus tipping APM and DPP winning the 2019 presidential elections. The article,…/we-won-t-relax-poll-tips-dpp-to-…, said if elections were held in September last year DPP would carry the day.

Then came announcing of presidential results. It’s now Justice Jane Ansah MCP is not happy with. There were political party representatives in the commission but MCP’s anger is catapulted on the one who made the announcement, Justice Asah.

Luckily, it’s not just MCP not happy with the results. The quasi-religious Institution, Public Affair Committee and Human Rights Defenders Coalition have also joined hands cursing MEC for what they term as Tipp-exed elections. Ironically, the chairperson of Human Rights Defenders Coalition Mr. Timothy Mtambo signed and endorsed Malawi Electoral Support Network electoral report, in which he is a board member. The report said the elections were free, fair and credible, and that MEC’s figures are consistent with their figures. There were also journalists on the ground, who were publishing raw results from different tally centers across the country. Their figures are not different from MEC’s figures.

That said, I thought it is important to appreciate other people’s efforts even when the results don’t favor us. I can only imagine the sleepless nights Jane Ansah, her Commissioners and staff at MEC underwent while processing results. In the end, are we serious all they can get are insults?

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  1. power hungry   June 6, 2019 at 5:38 am

    Mcp is a mafia party, it believes in politics of intimidation and torture. By threatening ansah, our great chairperson who has been transparent all along to the extent of reacting to cooked social media lies to prove their credibility, they think they will intimidate everyone to shut up to ascend to power. Now they are also beating up any woman putting on dpp regaria in central region. All chakwera wants is to bully the electorate to stay away from voting in the future elections so that he will be the only winner. PAC is a total shame to us, the murderers of bingu, evil representives. Mtambo is very corrupt and on several occassions he has been meeting laz to grab power by force. This guy is looking for presidential advisory role on ngos and the PAC chair or secretariate is looking for the advisory role on religious affairs, the same way sembereka did after successfully in the name of PAC knocked down bingu. They are evil and self centered. This so called men of God are dangerous and from the bible they have been misleading. In Jesus´ time and even after his death they led a major persecution that put overzelous people like paul fighting God Himself. If they are tired with preaching let them retire and let the true followers of our Lord take the mantle the corrupt free, the true patriots.


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