Siege Of Capital Hill: Illegitimate In Every Right

By Mdyomba Che Ambute

Illegal Invasion: MCP Supporters occupy Capital Hill on Monday(C) Govati Nyirenda

June 4rd, 2019 is a day many civil servants,based at the seat of the executive arm of government Capital Hill, shall surely never forget. At around 12 pm, when many government workers were preparing to go out for their lunch break panic erupted on the hill when word spread that opposition supporters led by officials from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) had made their way into the compound and were forcing people out of their offices with the intent of shutting down government operations.
Their argument being that the government is an illegally elected one therefore the civil servants were carrying out their duties with an illegal mandate, and capital hill should shut down until the President steps down. Za mkutu! This is just surely absurd and lacks any real logic as anyone with basic cognitive capabilities knows that the executive arm of government is in no way affiliated to politics and civil servants are obligated to carry out their duties regardless of which political party is at the helm.

The losing parties have filed cases in the courts contesting the results of the May 20 Tripartite elections and this is the only lawful way to have their grievances heard. The civil service’s core function is to undertake roles and responsibilities that enable the nation to operate accordingly day to day and also work done on Capital Hill assists in the implementation and success of development projects. The work done by government workers is for the benefit of all citizens of Malawi and anyone who can go to the extent of having government operations shut down is not truly sincere when they say they have the best interest and well being of Malawians at heart and is more likely to be power hungry.
If government offices such as the Treasury and Accountant General are allowed to close for an indefinite period of time, the Government will not be able to make crucial payments such as medicines and supplies for hospitals, salaries for public workers, and other essential goods and services that ensure the nation’s basic needs are provided for and the common man’s life is not made anymore unpleasant as it already is.

Furthermore, we all are aware that government is also the biggest customer for many private businesses that supply it’s various Ministries and Departments with goods and services such as office stationery, airtime, cleaning and security services. Most of these are small to medium businesses which depend on almost all their income on the Government and if their payments are delayed indefinitely, their cash flows will suffer thereby being unable to meet their financial obligations, such as paying their staff, paying rentals and utility bills putting the survival of these businesses in the balance and people’s livelihoods at stake.

Every citizen of this nation who believes that they have been wronged in line with the laws of the constitution is afforded the avenues to have their grievances heard, and seeking justice for oneself would not lead to barbaric and irresponsible behaviors that infringe on the rights of others and disrupt the crucial operations of the nation causing hardships and inconvenience to the average law abiding citizen. Those of you close to MCP leaders please pump some sense into them, they’re actually eroding the little sympathy some people had for their party.

Masile Une Wawo,
Mdyomba Che Ambute.

3 Responses to "Siege Of Capital Hill: Illegitimate In Every Right"

  1. nambewe   June 4, 2019 at 4:37 pm

    Well written! It is not that Chakwera does not believe th results but it is that he will never become president of Malawi because his time is up!!!

    Shame on you Chakwera! watch DPP dont destroy! they build! you are promoting anarchy! DPP organises! How can you lead such a poor country to start destroying its own infrastructure? these people have not got the money to repair all this destruction without depriving citizens of some useful service!You have won that you are not a Leader! you are self centres and savage!Call your party to order or the law will deal with you!!!

  2. twinkle toes   June 5, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    Chakwera is interesting and it seems he lacks certain characteristics of humanity. It seems he doesn´t want to learn from the past and also he always wants to be the winner. Such type of people are very dangerous especially in a young democracy. Dpp swallowed a pride and accepted honourably the 5-1 humiliation defeat in by-elections and mec was never intimidated nor blood shed occured but, mcp after losing a by-election in mulanje oops, rigging trumpet by mcp was blown and mec was intimidated. By looking at laz, one can easily see a guy who fears elections and who uses intimidation and threats to grab and cling to power. He also loves abusing the youth to help him rise to power undemocratically. These had been shown in how he used the rough necked youth League to intimidate nkholokolos and at one point they reached the extent of confiscating mbc tv drone that went unnoticed by nkhoma clergy their backer and campaigner. Why are they misbehaving while their grevances are in a competent court? Are they trying to intimidate justice so that fear can be used the same way this wolf has been doing? This guy must know that his votes was a combination of jb´s and his and yet apm became the victor. Laz is never filled with the Holy Spiriit but rather devil himself. The Holy Spirit is peaceful, full of love and caring. This guy might be using political tactics to have sympathy in his party so that he will remain the torch bearer come 2024. This guy is destroying our democracy by burrying mcp with him, he is not a hero. He must resign from democratic politics.

  3. politicking wolf   June 5, 2019 at 6:34 pm

    In a democracy majority rules. This is why dpp accepted defeat in ndirande by-elections despite it is its strong base and a small magine of are true democrats we are to emulate. Chakwera is bringing in archaic politics of intimidation and torture to become a leader. The man who did nothing on social responsibilities during his presidency at assemblies.why intimidating the electorate? It was a secret ballot known by each individual. How then do you conclude all the civil servants voted for apm?mkulu uyu akudziwa that he lost and all he is doing is to fool his myopic followers to foolishly usher him back into mcp´s leading position. He is canning and he knows that without thorough tactics his journey to compete for the high office in a major party will be over.


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