Go ye to the Courts and ask for thy justice there but LEAVE OUR PEACE ALONE

Violent MCP Youths invading Capital Hill


If MCP won Elections, we would be dead. God can’t give victory to such people in this kind of a country.

The greatest gift God gave us in this country is peace. Let’s guard it well. Gods patience has limits. If we push Gods patience too far, he removes his grace and grants us the trouble we provoke. If its war we want, if its blood we want, if its death we want, and if we want to burn this country down, God can eventually yield and grant us that wish if we push him too far since we are taking this peace for granted.

Just imagine what would happen if cadets lose their tempers and decide to fight back. What if they also begin to attack those from the center residing in the south? What if Mutharika sends the PMF and the defense force to rain hell on these people with as much violence as they are bringing?

What will happen in Malawi?

Go to the Courts and ask for your justice there but LEAVE OUR PEACE ALONE

4 Responses to "Go ye to the Courts and ask for thy justice there but LEAVE OUR PEACE ALONE"

  1. Cassim Bwanali   June 4, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    I don’t know why are they behaving like this, These MCP hooligans wants to turn this country back to 80s. When people were meslesly killed in the name of the Lion, Ngwazi. Which brave Malawian can dare to be back to those dark ages? Don’t shed the blood you wants in the name of Malawians, we’re totally denying you Chakwera. And stop to use the word ‘Malawians are angry with election results’ as if all Malawians were voted for you. We didn’t vote for you as Malawians it’s only your supporters voted for you and you don’t have the majority to win Malawi. And we voted our parties and the pary with majority wone the election. You think you can overthrow the president with your greedy mind? Ever since we had never shed blood after election, think twice Chakwera, you sometimes call yourself a God fearing person, be ashamed of your evil deeds.

  2. Citizen   June 4, 2019 at 3:49 pm

    We should not allow thieves to rule this country in the name of peace let truth prevail

  3. Thengo   June 5, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    What is truth? Truth is that May 21 is gone and that Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is the winner. Our referee in this game has ruled, that is MEC.

    Zina mukuchitazi muyembekezere kuti papita zaka zina 30 kuti mudzalamulire ana omwe sakudziwa mbiri yanu.

  4. bullying tactics   June 6, 2019 at 10:44 am

    mcp PP alliance to hell with your tactics. This time around you were two giants against apm but, wakulizani“adzalira amene aja´´, inu mumayesa njerengo. You have gone to courts why becoming wild? Are you trying to intimidate justice? Chakwera a devilish guy stop your agents from terorizing the innocent who exercisized their birth right. In a democracy the one with the majority votes is declared a winner.


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