Pagome Pakodola: MCP MPs Want Rev. Chakwera Out

Chakwera: Under Fire

Some newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs) from the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) who have just made it into the August House in the just ended General Elections held on May 21st 2019 which saw Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika returning to the State House, want their Leader The Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera out as both Leader of Malawi Congress Party and also as Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

The MCP MPs agreed this last night at a secret meeting which was held somewhere at undisclosed place within the city of Lilongwe. The meeting was attended by over 40 of the 55 newly elected MCP MPs.

The meeting was chaired by one of the veteran MCP MPs from within the central region of Malawi, which also saw some MCP Veteran Politicians and other MCP NEC Members in attendance according to our inside source within the meeting who asked not to be disclosed.

The meeting cited so many reasons why they feel Chakwera should go and some of the reasons are:-

  1. lack of vision by Chakwera
  2. Failing to take MCP into government on two consecutive elections
  3. The way Chakwera conducted himself and how he handled the post election results where he opted for violence and said he was ready to shed his blood as if Malawi was on war
  4. The reaction of Chakwera towards the election results has led to violence in some parts of the central region like Santhe in Kasungu, msundwe, areas 23 and 25 nsungwi in Lilongwe, Mponela in Dowa where it was reported that one person died, and Kamuzu Road in Salima. the meeting agreed that the post election violence erupted because of the unfortunate remarks made by Chakwera which indicates his in-maturity and childish behaviour not worthy of the leader of the oldest and mother of all parties in Malawi
  5. Since it was only in the central region of Malawi where post election violence erupted this indicated that we the chewa people of the central region are NOT tolerant and as if we are the most violent people in Malawi
  6. Chakwera practices tribalism and nepotism because during the violence some youths were targeting fellow Malawians especially from the southern region of Malawi beating them and chasing them from the central region as if Malawi is only for the chewas. And we find this as very unfortunate because the founder and father of the Malawi Congress Party His Excellency the Life President Ngwazi Dr H Kamuzu Banda used to encourage oneness and togetherness among all Malawians regardless of our differences in our ethnicity
  7. Chakwera still wants to continue to waste the MCP Funds by continuing with the election case in court a thing which will not achieve anything because things will never change because reference is made where both Right Hon Late Gwanda Chakuamba and Right Hon John Tembo took the election cases to court before when they were MCP Presidents at their respective times but nothing changed so Chakwera is just adamant and doesn’t want to listen to anyone but to his master only Sidik Mia

However, the meeting also looked at the impact of Rt Hon Sidik Mia, and the alliances MCP had with Her Excellency Former President Dr Joyce Banda and her PP and the Former VP The Rt Hon Khumbo Hastings Kachali and his Freedom Party. According to our source, he said that The meeting also looked at the impact the recent Former VP Rt Hon Dr Saulosi Klaus Chilima and his UTM had on the voters especially from the central region, and also whether the new VP Rt Hon Everton Chimulilenji had any imoact and brought enough votes for DPP from the central region.

The meeting found out that The MCP Running mate Rt Hon Sidik Mia had deceived the Party because when entering MCP he promised MCP members that he was to take MCP into government by bringing votes from the lower shire where he is originally coming from and also votes from Blantyre because he resides in Blantyre and has many businesses in Blantyre and also votes from the Eastern region especially from among the Muslims he said because he was a Muslimm. And instead MCP has performed miserably in the lower shire and the eastern region and in fact the whole southern region. Therefore the meeting resolved that Chakwera and Mia should go together.

On Joyce Banda the meeting also saw that the involvement of Joyce Banda brought more misery and bad luck to MCP because Joyce Banda still has some unresolved cash gate cases attached to her name especially the jet gate therefore DPP capitalised on it and MCP lost some votes especially from among the educated Malawians because of its involvement with Joyce Banda and PP.

On Khumbo Kachali, the meeting saw that if anything Khumbo Kachali managed to help MCP in the northern region by bringing some votes and this is evidenced by the 16 MPs MCP has managed to get from the northern region for the first ever since 1994.

On Saulosi Chilima the meeting saw that Saulosi Chilima disturbed the votes from the central and Northern regions. And had it been that Chilima did not stand on his own then all the votes for Chilima would have gone to MCP.. And the meeting saw that Chilima has a big impact in Malawi especially among the youths.

On whether Chimulilenji helped the DPP in central region, the meeting saw that Chimulilenji has no any impact in central region because he even lost in his own constituency in ntcheu where he stood as MP.

So therfore the meeting agreed that MCP did not acquire the much needed in the central region not because of Chimulilenji but because of the popularity of Chilima among the youths of the central region because Chilima might be originally coming ntcheu but he was born and grew up in njewa in Lilongwe therefore this had a big impact on the Lilongwe votes that’s why his votes from Lilongwe came close to Chakwera.

Finally at the end, the meeting came up with the following resolutions:-

  1. Chakwera and Mia should immediately go together
  2. The going of Chakwera is in line with the constitution of MCP because it allows any candidate to stand and run and compete in the general elections on the MCP Ticket for only two consecutive terms of 5 years each. The same happened to both Gwanda Chakuamba and John Tembo and therefore Chakwera should follow suit
  3. Interim MCP Leader to be appointed who will be both leader of opposition and MCP president till MCP convention in 2023
  4. Ken Kandodo MCP MP for Kasungu Central who was not in the meeting to be persuaded to accept to be the interim MCP President and leader of opposition. The meeting suggested the name of Ken Kandodo because of his experience as a former minister of finance during the time of Bingu and served in the same cabinet with Peter under Bingu. The meeting agreed that Ken Kandodo is ideal because he is a grand nephew of Kamuzu and this will make Malawians to easily vote for him in 2024
  5. A high powered delegation composed of old women and men and other MCP veterans especially those from the central region to be appointed and to be led by Hon J Njobvuyalema, Hon Chiphiko, Hon Bondo, Hon Louis Chimango, Hon Foloma Mwale, Hon Chathinkha Nkhoma and Hon John Tembo (junior) to go and persuade Hon Ken Kandodo to accept to become the new MCP President
    5 Where Hon Ken Kandodo declines, the meeting then agreed to meet again and deliberate on other options
  6. The meeting suggested that another high powered delegation to be appointed and to go and meet with Dr Saulosi Chilima to suggest to him if he can dissolve and disband his UTM and come to MCP and become it’s president and represent it where Ken Kandodo declines. The meeting saw Chilima to be the ideal person because he has spent most of his life in Lilongwe and is very familiar with chewa culture despite him being ngoni from ntcheu and after all ntcheu is geographically in the central region and Chilima is one of us, one of the members in the meeting was heard speaking. And with the votes of Chilima of close to 1.1 million and with our votes of 1.7 million then definitely Chilima will win under MCP by far another person was heard in the same meeting
  7. The meeting also agreed that if Chilima will accept to disband his UTM and come to MCP then they should persuade Hon Khumbo Kachali to also disband his own Freedom Party and come to MCP and become the VP to Chilima and eventually the running mate to Chilima in 2024. One member was heard saying “Hon Khumbo Kachali is calm and composed than Chilima and therefore he will definitely accept the offer even to become the running mate in 2024 koma Chilima ndi okula mtima sangalore kuzakhala running mate mwana amene uja koma akungofuna kulamula basi ndiye nzampaseni u president wo palibe kanthu bola tizathe kuchosa DPP Mboma basi”
  8. On whether to consider someone big names from the southern region to replace Sidik Mia, the meeting agreed to consider the names of the talkative CAMA president John Kapito who is also Lhomwe and Blantyre based business magnet Jimmy Korea Mpasa, and also another billioner Mark Kastonga Phiri
  9. The meeting appointed some members to go and approach Chakwera and to ask him to step down honourably before things gets out of hand.

We are yet to see if Chakwera will really step down and comply with the MPs.

The meeting ended at the dawn at around 04:00 am and agreed to meet again as soon as possible for the way forward.

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  1. Walakwanji chimulirenji   May 31, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    Za ntiii

  2. Patrick Phiri   June 1, 2019 at 8:50 am

    Chakwera should go asap. He has failed the nation. He must respect the MCP constitution. Only 2 attempts at presidential elections.

  3. wama   June 2, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    kkkkkkkkk anthu away nde alibe nzeu


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