Choirmaster Chakwera Should Shut-Up On ‘Atibera Volume 6’

Chakwera and his Atibera Band

I honestly think Chakwera is confused or up to confusing us. His fellow hot contenders are glued to their TV and closely following announcement of unofficial results through our media houses.

But there he is declaring himself as the winner of the presidential election at a press conference. Frankly, This has been one of the best organised elections in history, let’s wait for figures to dictate who should be celebrating.

Mr. Chakwera should, if anything, be bringing together his evidence of rigging if he doesn’t trust the system. Less than 20 percent of votes officially announced, Chakwera’s remarks represent best what any sane leader must never do. Talking about blood shade at this level.. I am disappointed, let Malawians decide.

Chakwera must be the last person to be reminded patience is virtuous. He should wait MEC to do due diligence to the process. Official results will be counted and officially announced by end of eight days stipulated in electoral laws. Chakwera should just keep excitement on reports tabulated by his party to himself. Rigging should never be condoled, but there is no any evidence or beckoning of rigging, so we can still wait.

(Copied from Focus Maganga’s facebook page)

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