Road To May 21: Atupele Optimistic Of Victory…We Will Lead Malawi Forward To A Brighter Future


My fellow Malawians,

This day marks the genesis of our journey, our journey to attainment to absolute freedom. Freedom where everyone including those in the peripherals will go to the hospitals and access the intended healthcare services. Freedom where quality education will not just be a mere dream but realised in tandem with global standards with special attention to the satisfaction of all role-players.

Freedom, freedom where we will realise that agriculture is the hub of Malawi’s economy. Hence it will be rendered special attention to benefit the masses who have for long struggled and toiled in vain to make ends meet.

Fellow Malawians, this day ushers in the rebirth – A New Beginning – of a young nation with ernomous ambitions to drive us all to a better living which will be attained through provison and creation of meaningful employment for the hungry and thirsty young Malawian population.

I humbly appeal to you that UDF as one of the masterminders of meaningful and practical democracy, forsees a creation of a sound, vivid and conducive environment for investors from within our own vicinities and beyond through intensified and sustained security systems. The fruits of the said security will trickle down and protect the endangered citizenry like women, children and people with albinism thereby no longer shall this country be labelled as a cauldron of chaos and violence.

Our government sets unity in the highest esteem hence it shall strive towards enhancing tolerance among all the people regardless of distinctions of any kind with due respect to the rule of law.

• I have demonstrated to you in the past 5 years.

As we all go to the polling stations on Tuesday, I ask you to think about what you want from YOUR Malawi. Throughout this campaign we have heard lots about what has not been done and what the problems are, we have heard many false promises and we have seen lots of divisions being formed. This has resulted in some of our most vulnerable communities being attacked. We believe we are one of the few parties to have offered a deliverable and affordable plan that will work for all Malawi.

The UDF campaign, our vision, and our direction is based on two clear priorities, inclusive growth and inclusive development for ALL Malawians regardless of their creed, colour or tribe.

It is together as one Malawi, that we can build a solid and prosperous future. No one else can or will do it for us. I truly believe that I have the skill, the experience and the support to lead us all on this journey.

The UDF has demonstrated over the last five years that we can put aside political difference to put Malawi first. We have demonstrated strong leadership and a commitment to getting the job done not for personal gain, but for the good of OUR country.

Both my running mate, Frank Mwenifumbo and I pledge to every Malawian, that our Presidency will be based on some key principles:
• An open ear that will seek to ensure you have a say in your future.
• A government that represents the whole country and not just a few.
• Never to promise to deliver something that cannot be delivered but ruthlessly prioritise on achieving our manifesto within a well-managed public purse.
• To hold all of those in a position of leadership or governance to a higher level of accountability.

Throughout the last five years I have listened to you and I feel that I understand what you see as the right priorities. This has been reinforced as both Frank Mwenifumbo and I have travelled about the country and spoken directly with thousands of you. Jobs, support for small business, access to markets, better access to health, schooling and social services being all at the top of the tree. To pay for this investment we must grow our economy quickly and for everyone.

As a government, we will support entrepreneurs and small businesses access affordable loans and we will promote diversification of our economy to make the most of our existing resources. We will also support farmers to diversify to higher yielding and more profitable crops. This will build real and sustainable jobs, particularly for our young people, which in turn will help grow the economy and increase the available resources for key services such as health and education.

Our manifesto highlights our plan for investment in water management and irrigation, for power generation and for transportation. This vital infrastructure needs to be opened up to the private sector so we can attract the levels of investment necessary to rapidly build what we need. This means that we need a government that will govern an open and transparent process to build the confidence of both investors and of all Malawians. This confidence is currently very low, with a few individuals seemingly benefiting from our collective economy.

A UDF government will ensure that ALL Malawians are able to live safely and securely within their community. We understand that this is vital to rebuilding the confidence in an inclusive and capable government. We will invest in our defence and security forces and their capabilities whether they are deployed on peacekeeping operations or policing our communities. This investment will translate into a more effective, more responsive and capable level of support we see from our Police and the MDF.

If Honourable Frank Mwenifumbo and I are elected to lead our beautiful country, we will return that confidence with a Cabinet that is accountable and made up of the brightest and best of our country. Our Cabinet will be focussed at managing the public purse, such that spending is focussed on our manifesto priorities and will be able to take the tough choices necessary to effectively govern and ensure that Malawi develops out of poverty.

Frank Mwenifumbo and I will lead a Government that is ready to serve the people of Malawi, that will listen to the needs of the people of Malawi and is accountable for the decisions that it takes.

A vote for Atupele Muluzi and Frank Mwenifumbo with the UDF is a vote for a responsible and a responsive government. A vote for Atupele Muluzi and Frank Mwenifumbo with the UDF is a vote for a positive future that focusses on the needs of all Malawians and it is a vote for meaningful and sustainable jobs that will develop our country for everyone.

Please make sure you all go out and vote Tuesday and vote for me, Atupele Muluzi to lead Malawi forwards to a brighter future.

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United Democratic Front – UDF -Malawi

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