MCP Could Be The Catalyst For Disaster In Malawi If They Win 21 May Elections

By Dennis So’Favoured Imaan

My personal opinion.

To be very honest, one question that has been on my mind is, “how long will MCP qualition of differing Faiths Leaders in their 2 top Political Leaders and add in different political backgrounds of the other qualition members mainly PP last after May 21st?”

Am very afraid of MCP beyond 21st May.
You have 2 top leaders with 2 opposing faith beliefs and promising their followers the best on religious grounds.
(As much as we all believe and this is politics, I do not know what Mia is keeping away from Pastor Dr Laz and the other way round on the grounds of their faith convictions).

Do not get me wrong, I am not homophobic or anything, I am the definition of inclusiveness. I have Islamic background and am currently a Christian.

But when you have a political party like MCP with Pastor Dr Lazarus Chakwera dining and being prayed for by Pastors in the USA and in Malawi and these pastors believing with Dr Laz that he is an annointed man full of the Holly Spirit and they are sure that through his ascendancy to presidency come 23rd May, Malawi will be a blessed nation and Christ will be center of her leadership, on the other hand you have Sheikh Sidik Mia promising all Muslims that he will use his political position to influence the spread and popularity of Islam in Malawi and he will spearhead laws that will make sure that Islam in Malawi is a dominant religion. (You must have listened to his message when he addressed his fellow moslems on the eve of the month of Ramadan)

I know this is a very sensitive issues and that is why I have decided to spark this conversation now not later.

Shikh Mia has told his fellow moslems that now, he stands a chance to use his influence as the 2nd in command to get Malawi to understand that Mohammed was the last prophet and that Jesus is not Lord but another prophet. He believes in Islamic faith which means he doesn’t believe that the Jesus in whom his president prays can make one a president.

I believe that we have a problem in the making here. When 2 political leaders of one political party campaign for votes and use differing religious faith and premises as their campaign tool to woe votes from their faithfuls, we must sit down and ask ourselves the most important questions.
“What happens when these people get into power?”
Religion beliefs have devided humanity since time in memorial and trying to win a government using a tool that has been known to devide is folly. I wonder why the MCP leadership has decided to campaign this way.

I wish MCP campaign was rooted on development issues and not faith and religious beliefs as they have shown in the past few months.

Come June, 2019 if it ever happens that they win, Mr Mia will be pushing the Islamic agenda as he has promised his fellow moslems while Pastor Laz will want to lead Malawi as a Christian nation. (This ladies and gentlemen is a recipe for disaster Malawi is not even ready for).

Now we have Abiti Mtila Madam JB who is eyeing ministerial positions for her PP be it on merit or not. We also have Dada Khumbo whose eyes are fixed on the big pulse.

If we ever make the mistake of voting MCP into power, we will share this nation once these people put their hands on account number 1 and have the influence to lead us.
Ukuku kudzakhala chipasupasu osati masewera.
Mgwirizano uwuwu ukungoyang’ana ma vote basi, beyond ma votes take a screenshot of this post and remind me that I lied.

The future of this nation in your hands right now.

5 Responses to "MCP Could Be The Catalyst For Disaster In Malawi If They Win 21 May Elections"

  1. Nambewe   May 17, 2019 at 12:27 pm

    A Party full of liars and cash-gate people! How is that supposed to help Malawi? MCP was great when the founder was alive but it needs a shake up big time! For now the only party that can develop Malawi is DPP!!! basi!

  2. PETER DAUSI MUTHALIKA   May 17, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    MCP will win the election come on 21 MAY

  3. Ungwelu   May 17, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    Very poor and myopic analysis. Kuonetseratu panicking with MCP.

    Malawian Moslems are also citizens of this country and have the right of association.

    Regarding three major interests on one public purse, I would rather ena adyepo. Nanga azingodya a Lomwe okha okha? No fairness!!!!

  4. maulid   May 17, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    Ayi taa palibe fundo chisilam ndichotchuka kale sikuti anthuwo akukapanga za chipembezo ayi ngati maganizo awo ndiamenewo akaziona akafikako kusanjika kuti sikutchalichi kapena ku mzikiti

  5. mkem owoh   May 18, 2019 at 12:12 pm

    Why do you always hate Lhomwes? Look at your Malawi Crocodile Party- can you call it a national party when three quarters of its NEC comprises people from the centre particularly Lilongwe, hence people calling it Lilongwe Congress Party.


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