Introducing MCP Delusional Mathematics


The facts

1. The central region belongs to MCP ( yeah let’s conveniently forget that in 2009, a new party walloped us in the central region and got more votes than us)

2. In 2014, we got some votes in the north, these votes are secure. ( yeah forget about the fact that there’s no safe vote in the north, savotera chizolowezi)

3. Believe that with cashgaters Sidik Mia, Joyce Banda and PP, we have finally found the southern region votes ( forgetting that our worst election defeat since 1994 was when we partnered with UDF in 2009 and Bakili, a former President campaigned heavily for us)

4. Believe that the Holy Spirit (which is only found in Chakwera) will now bring more votes than in 2014 when he was soundly beaten.

So Fact 1+2+3+4= MCP’s first competitive victory after five losses and 25 years in opposition!

You simply have to admire the mathematicians in MCP!

One Response to "Introducing MCP Delusional Mathematics"

  1. Galumtsukwa   May 20, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    Chakwera akuwina basi. Dzanja lalemba lalemba…


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