Catholics Dump Parish Over Priest Involvement In Albino Killings

Father Muhosha: Bone of contention

Scores of Catholic faithful have dumped St Agnes Mlombozi Parish of the Zomba Diocese because their priest Fr Thomas Muhosha was arrested in connection to the killing of a 22 year old man with albinism, McDonald Masambuka.

About 30 parishioners have left the church saying they cannot believe that their priest is involved in the murder of the albino.

Rabson Tsegula, a long serving member and worker at the parish rectory said Muhosha’s arrest shook the four outstations of the parish thus Nambande, Majawa, Somela and Namadzi.

Malita Chimwaza of Macheche village in Traditional Authority Mulumbe in Zomba is one of the parishioners who have stopped going to church because her faith has been compromised by Muhosha’s arrest.

2 Responses to "Catholics Dump Parish Over Priest Involvement In Albino Killings"

  1. Boniface   May 13, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    Always when you believe a fellow man. One day you become frustrated. As Catholics our belief and faith should be on our Almighty God not man. Let’s not get shaken with this wind that is blowing. Let’s call upon Jesus and he will calm it.

  2. Andrew   May 14, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    It could be a false witness against the priest, only GOD knows if the charges are correct, because these are the last days when persecutions and killing of the elect are on the rise, so only GOD knows if the priest was actually involved in this crime . Lord JESUS, if this your priest is innocent, please remove this cup from him, but if he is actually involved, then let justice and the law prevail .


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