Road To May 21: JB Promises Cabinet Posts to PP MPs in MCP Govt

Strange Affair: Chakwera, JB

In a typical case of counting eggs before they are hatched and defying MCP’s purpoted servant leadership philosophy, Dr. Lazrus Chakwera’s political partner, former president Joyce Banda, says some PP MPs will be offered cabinet posts should MCP win the May 21 elections.

According to Zodiak Online,  Banda made the remarks at Chatoloma Admarc ground in Kasungu on Wednesday  during a whistle stop tour on her way to Nkhata Bay.

Banda, who has captured MCP considering that 80% of MCP executive members are former PP members, is alleged to have negotiated six cabinet posts including one for her son, Roy Kachale, her would-be running mate Dr. Jerry Jana, and Secretary General Ibrahim Matola.

The former president also negotiated herself to be a co-decision maker on state matters in the MCP government as well as assume the role of Malawi’s global ambassador, 10 Heads of Embassy of positions, 6 PSs positions including one for her sister former Education Secretary Anjimile Mtila.

Reacting to Zodiak Online, most Malawians blasted the former president, infamous for cashgate and theft of Malawi’s presidential jet, for putting personal interests first.

“I knew it, this woman is up to no good. Cry my beloved MCP. And Chakwera is weak.”

“Perhaps this is why Chilima said no to her demands,” reads one comment referring to UTM President Saulos Chilima who partied ways with JB after a 48 hour alliance allegedly because she had put too many demands including one to have her son as running mate.

“This nyunsensi ndiyomwe Chilima anakana and analora kuti Band igawane zida…. PP wants to use back door ….. Say no to PP.  Say no to MCP!” posted one Pempho Chipeni.

Malawi goes to the polls on May 21 but with 11 days to go there is no clear picture of the winner as all UTM, DPP and MCP seem to have equal forces.

3 Responses to "Road To May 21: JB Promises Cabinet Posts to PP MPs in MCP Govt"

  1. mkem owoh   May 10, 2019 at 6:43 am

    I knew it kuti Abiti Maloko is up to something. Naye Lazaro wakopeka ndi ndarama za cashgate. My foot.

  2. FALSE PROPHETS   May 10, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    I WILL NOT VOTE FOR MCP. AMAI AWA NDI MA SIATERS AWO ANANDIKWANA. Nde ndibwelera ku DPP – za Saulosi nde ndi zinanso.

    Pepani sitinaziwe kuti malirowa ndionyamula

  3. nambewe   May 10, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    This duo is disaster for Malawi! They should both be as far away from Malawian politics as possible!!


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