Malawi Opposition Parties Manufacture Albino Killings Propaganda Using Photos Sourced From Mozambique

Mtambo: Paying people to be “false witnesses

Recently leaked voice recordings of a conversation between Mtambo and an unnamed person reveal a lot. Mtambo, in collaboration with the opposition parties, can be heard planning to use Albino killings as a campaign tool.

On the recordings, Mtambo is talking about how they should resuscitate the albino issue by staging an abduction of an albino. They will then blame the government and President Mutharika for not protecting Persons With Albinism.

Other plans involve Mtambo paying people to be “false witnesses”. Mtambo and conspirators give the people they buy scripts of what to say in the voice recordings. In those staged scripts, they are told to implicating President Mutharika on the Albino issue.

From the recording, Mtambo talks about having a backing of Chilima on this whole plot. Chilima is one of the people expecting to benefit from propaganda.

Malawians exposed a photo of a body of a mutilated albino girl. This was one of the HRDC and Chilima propaganda. In the photo, the propagandists made claims that the little girl with Albinism from Chikwawa. MCP and UTM social media teas were pushing it with great enthusiasm.

The photo was quickly exposed as a picture originating from Mozambique, not Malawi.

The tricks employed here are exactly the same as what Mtambo has been saying on the recording. Use albino propaganda to help the opposition garner votes.

The opposition, HRDC and Chilima are trying to use these emotional pictures to get people angry with the government. To them, Persons With Albinism are not human, but political tools to be used in their devious campaign.

The opposition has failed in almost all their campaigns. They have nothing to offer Malawians.

But, the worst fail, and the most insensitive thing they are doing is to use mutilated bodies of Albinos as a campaign tool. HRDC, MCP, UTM and Chilima are dehumanising albinos for political gain.

Malawians must reject this vile, evil propaganda act with the contempt it deserves.

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  1. Even in our countries there is also SA people working there do not take chance with us these time if you try again you will see Boko Haram coming in SA and deal with this matter   May 8, 2019 at 8:39 am

    That’s the deal for Government blood money


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