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3.5. Leadership Qualities to Consider Before Voting
The Clergy urges all its members to pray for people who will be voted into power. The Clergy are therefore endorsing a leader who will have the following qualities to be voted into power:

  1. A leader with good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and Wisdom (God-fearing).

APM is a God-fearing leader, there is no speech that APM has ever concluded without thanking God for the great guidance he gives to him, and the blessings that God gives to Malawi. APM has a great reputation, he is revered by international peers, with the President of the Greatest Nation on Earth, Donald Trump, often tweeting to commend his great reputation and leadership qualities.

  1. A leaders who has no records of corruption, and do not have the spirit of nepotism, tribalism, and regionalism.

APM is such a leader, he has no record of corruption, nepotism, or regionalism. Developments in Malawi have been to all regions and districts. Appointments into Civil service on all top positions is balanced across all the nation -Central, South, East and Northern Region.
When other leaders called the Northern Region the “Dead North”, he showed that it is the “Great North”, with delivery of over 30 big projects, and appointment of Northern Region people into strategic positions.

  1. A leader who will unite Malawians regardless of their tribe, region where they come from and beliefs,

APM has been doing this for 5 years already. APM has never been tribalistic or even focused on people who only comes from his region. He has called for National Unity at all times. In his speech at the Anglican Church, he has called for Malawians to love one another. This is what APM has been preaching for the past 5 years.

  1. A leader who will not defend thieves, mafias and terrorists. A leader who will not promote cash-gates; tractor gate, ESCOM gate, Fuel gate, Uniform gate, Food ration gate, Drug gate, road construction gate to benefit their political parties as the current leadership.

APM does not defend Cashgate all cash gate court cases have been heard and continue to be heard during APM’s time. In his speech, APM said – “I will not defend, or shield you if you commit acts of corruption just because you are in government”. And he has lived by that ethos. Those who felt that APM was not defending them ended up leaving the ruling party to form what today is known as the UTM.
There is no senior government official who has ever been shielded, or any “gates” being promoted by this leader.

  1. A leader who will respect the constitution of Malawi and implement good policies that are in place.

As a Constitutional Law expert and highly revered Professor, APM was part of the team that drafted the constitution of Malawi. And he defends it with all his might.
When the political opponents insult him on political podiums, he exercises restraint, and does not get them arrested – even though the law may call for it.
APM and other opposition were actually victims of abuse of constitution by Joyce Banda who got them arrested in 2013.

  1. A leader who will develop this nation without favouritism; and will not tolerate substandard workmanship in any infrastructure development and open unfinished projects.

APM is such a leader. Today Malawi has 22 NEW roads that are of excellent quality, implemented by top local and international companies. APM has completed over 300 projects, 20 Community Colleges, and all those projects and structures are of the best quality. Students have already graduated from the community colleges, and they went on to build their own successful businesses.
When some called the Northern Region the “Dead North”, APM called it “The Great North”, and Northern Region has also been one of the greatest beneficiaries of development projects, with over 30 projects being implemented in the Northern Region.

  1. A leader who will promote justice without fear or favour.

APM is a Law Professor by training. Justice is one of the ethos and founding principles of his own political party, the DPP. APM lives for justice, and he ensures that it is promoted and implemented at all times.
Malawi has one of the most independent judiciaries in World. When the judiciary has a negative finding against the government, the government implements those judicial recommendations. APM promotes justice and empowers the judiciary.
APM respects the independence of the Judiciary. He does not want to become the judge. The pastoral letter suggests that a President should interfere with judiciary.

  1. A leader who will not promote abortion and same sex marriages. A leader who can speak openly and make his stand known to everyone on these issues.

The ruling party’s policy on this issue is clear. The policy position that Bingu held has continued with this administration. APM has never promoted abortion or same sex marriages. As a religious country, Malawi is clear is clear on these issues.

  1. A leader who will not reduce our respected Traditional Authorities to puppets.

Under APM leadership, Traditional Authorities have been allowed to exercise more wide-ranging powers participate in community development. There is a budget allocated to each TA, so that they work and develop their communities, instead of the TA being “figureheads” or “puppets” as the Synod says.
The Traditional Leaders have also received salary increases and support from the government to show respect, preserve their dignity and stature in society. Where possible, APM takes some of the leaders with on international engagements to empower them and increase their exposure to international affairs.

We, the Clergy of the CCAP Nkhoma Synod encourage all voters to vote into power the one, and only leader who has the above listed leadership qualities as the President of the Republic of Malawi. The man with good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom (Acts 6:3).


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