Ben Phiri Apologises To Dr. Shanil Dzimbiri


Ben Phiri: I’m sorry

As most of you are aware there is a video in circulation in which I was captured at one of the campaign rallies in Balaka District with sentiments directed at the Hon. Dr. Shanil Dzimbiri which have been interpreted as attacking the modesty of a woman.

I would like to sincerely and unconditionally apologize to Dr. Shanil Dzimbiri, her family members, women of Malawi and all Malawians offended by the remarks.

I further wish to apologize to the Democratic Progressive Party for the damage the sentiments have caused to the Party. I wish to emphasize that the sentiments do not represent the position of the Party or it’s leader.

Once again, my sincere apologies to Hon. Dr. Shanil Dzimbiri and everyone offended by the remarks.


Dr. Ben Malunga Phiri

One Response to "Ben Phiri Apologises To Dr. Shanil Dzimbiri"

  1. Nambewe   April 21, 2019 at 8:34 am

    I sincerely hope you realize that when you insult one woman you insult all Malawian women! I am so disappointed in you Mr Phiri! go and have a rest do not tarnish our campaign! DPP does not think like this!! Shame on you!! You have unnecessarily provoked a lot of anger which was totally preventable by behaving appropriately!! Stupid man!


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