‘Professor Delivery’ Promises To Rehabilitate M1 Road From Lumbadzi To Rumphi

By Vincent Khonje

Mutharika addressing thousands in Kasungu

Kasungu, April 16, 2019, Mana: President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika who is also Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) 2019 presidential torch bearer has said he will rehabilitate the M1 road from Lumbadzi through Kasungu to Rumphi up north which is in bad shape.

President Professor Mutharika said this Wednesday when he had stop over rallies in the district at Kalenga trading centre in Traditional Authority Wimbe, Kasungu Boma and other two trading centres Kayesa in TA Lukwa and Bua in TA Njombwa, where he explained what DPP has put in place for the people in the district.

During the tour, the president touched on the developments that DPP has already accomplished as promised in 2014 DPP manifesto and this time around wants to continue through the new manifesto which will guide the development projects the party wants to undertake in the next five years.

Speaking at Kasungu Boma Professor Mutharika promised to rehabilitate the M1 road, which cuts across the district. The rehabilitation will be from Lumbadzi to Rumphi.

Professor Mutharika also promised to renovate the current police station which is very old.

He also promised that the district hospital will have enough drugs and adequate personnel apart from promising potable water in all areas with water problems.

Mutharika said he has done a lot and continues to do so despite the opposition not appreciating his feat.

“I am not saying this because of campaign. When I promise I make sure that I fulfill. Most people say they will do, but I am doing it and this is from our 2014 manifesto, where I promised about community colleges, farm input subsidy, malata and cement subsidy, roads, hospitals, social cash transfer and women and youth empowerment, we are doing these,

“The problem is the opposition parties who are saying all these are bad, they are saying they will discontinue farm input subsidy, malata and cement subsidy, community colleges and all these things they will discontinue, but I ask if all these are bad show me yours,” said Professor Mutharika.

He added that leading the government needs experience and that most of the opposition leaders cannot manage.

“They don’t have any experience they have never been in government they don’t know how tough it is to run a government. This is no time for experiments, it is time to choose those with experience because for five years we have done well,” said Professor Mutharika.

Professor Mutharika said Kasungu as a district will continue to benefit from development in the next five years.

“As DPP we want to construct 250 secondary schools across the country and Kasungu will get seven. I want to see every primary school learner going to secondary as currently only 37 out of 100 go to secondary school.

“Every child who finishes primary school should go to secondary school, and after that they should go to university. If they fail they should go to technical college which will be in every district and community colleges which we will construct in every constituency (193),” he said.

At Kalenga trading centre, the president promised to rehabilitate the road that joins Mtunthama and Chamama, one of the busiest trading centres. He said he would construct teachers’ houses, boarding facility and school blocks including provision of potable water.

The area which also has a completed health facility, but currently not operational, the president assured he will have drugs stocked and personnel deployed.

He also promised to lobby for good tobacco prices, sentiments he also repeated at Kayesa trading centre, saying he is meeting tobacco buyers this week.

At Kayesa where Senior Chief Lukwa asked the President to upgrade roads in the area, notably the one that goes to Kasungu National Park and Zambia border, Professor Mutharika said the plans are already there and everything will start in June this year.

Professor Mutharika said all these to happen they should vote for DPP and its shadow Members of Parliament and Councilors in the forthcoming elections.

DPP secretary general Grezelder Jeffrey also spoke during the rallies and emphasized on the changes the central region has gone through.

“Central region is now repentant as it knows where development comes from and it is only from President Mutharika. President Mutharika is not for politics but development even the chiefs here hope that he wins for continued development,” said Jeffrey.

Jeffrey added that the chiefs have benefitted from maize relief, farm input subsidies, malata and cement subsidy, stable economy and social cash transfer.

She then asked the people to give their votes to Professor Mutharika, DPP shadow MPs and councilors if they are to continue to enjoy development.

During the stopover rallies shadow MPs were given a chance to speak to the gathering and the President also drummed up support for them including the shadow councilors.


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