Ben Chimsewu Set For Manifesto Launch On Sunday…Says DPP Will Transform Dowa East Constituency

Chimsewu: Time has come for the DPP to take over and transform Dowa East Constituency

A youthful Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Shadow Member of Parliament (MP) for Dowa East Constituency, Ben Lazaro Chimsewu, says all is set for the launch of his development manifesto scheduled for this Sunday at Gogo Primary School in Mvera.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi Voice on Wednesday this week, Chimsewu said the manifesto launch will be graced by some of the DPP’s top brass such as Dr. Ben Phiri, who is the governing party’s director
of elections.
“All is set for the launch of my development blueprint which seeks to transform people’s lives in Dowa East Constituency. For your information, the mighty DPP is taking over the constituency come May 21. People are tired of ushering into power selfish people who have no welfare of the people at heart,” said Chimsewu.

The youthful shadow MP, who is adored by many, especially the youth and elderly, is facing a stiff
competition from Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) MP Ritchard Chimwendo, who is reportedly to have being heavily funded by some business people.
But Chimsewu downplayed the influence of Chimwendo and MCP in the constituency, saying people want change. He cited poor infrastructure development such as road networks and shortage of water as some
of the pressing challenges facing people of the area.

Chimsewu at the launch of his sports trophy

“Presently, people of Dowa East Constituency don’t even know whether they have an MP who represent them in the National Assembly because there is nothing on the ground happening. For example, Mvera Trading Centre is still grappling with water challenges yet this was their top agenda during the 2014 campaign. Poor people voted for them hoping they will arrest the water challenges, for example, but they feel cheated now,” said Chimsewu.

He said the water challenges at Mvera Trading Centre, including other surrounding areas and schools, are having a terrible impact on women and children.

“Women literally sleep at the broken boreholes in order to fetch the valuable commodity. Yet they were promised piped water and boreholes in 2014. This is sad. These are some of the issues that DPP wants to address from May 21. I have already started groundwork on these issues,” said Chimsewu.

He added that people of Dowa East Constituency were promised that one of their profitable Trading Centres (Mvera) will be revamped by among other things, relocating the bus stage to the main trading centre. But nothing has happened.
“I was born and raised in Mvera. I went to Mvera Community Day Secondary School. But I can challenge people that Mvera was an economic hub by then. DPP-led government wants to restore this by renovating the road which passes through the main trading centre from Mvera Road block. We want to do the Dedza approach,” said Chimsewu.

Chimsewu’s manifesto launch underscores the DPP’s commitment to developing this country.

Women are literally sleeping at the old and broken boreholes to fetch the portable

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