Manifesto For The People

DPP will today be launching her manifesto!!

Some people would like to know what happened with the 2014 — 2019 manifesto.

It is pleasing to note that, along with the 2019–2024 manifesto launch, there will be a report for that period. DPP has fulfilled most of the pledges.

There will be videos, pictures and testimonies shared about the achievements.

The 2019–2024 manifesto is exciting. It is a people’s manifesto. DPP is bringing the running of government and development home, right at our doorstep as a people.

At the launch there will be free WiFi for people to use. Anyone at the launch with a phone, tablet, laptop etc will be able to connect to the internet and share their views, pictures etc with the world.

This is a symbol of great things to come. A Malawi with the internet of things will mean that people are not only connecting and transacting through the road networks, they will also be connecting and transacting online.

On this page, to day and in the days to come, we will talk more on education, internet of things, youth and culture.

Exciting days.

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  1. Suzgo   April 7, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    DPP have forgotten to put mk145 million as some of the achievement in 5years


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