From ‘Tiri Ndi Yesu Wamayankho’ to ‘Tiri Ndi Castel Beer Woledzeletsa’ ……Patience Namadingo to host Castel Beer launch tonight


Wonders shall never end…so goes a popular adage. Top-notch gospel artist Patience Namadingo, who has been winning many souls to Jesus Christ through his music, is tonight expected to play double standards as he is expected to win souls to Castel Beer as per demands of a his new role as a host of the official launch of the new brand.

Basically, a host receives or entertain guests socially, commercially or officially.

Namadingo is expected to host the launch of Castel Beer tonight at Sunbird Capital in Lilongwe. His manager Tonderai Jai Banda confirmed the news, saying it is true his artist will host the beer launch.

The ‘Tiri Ndi Yesu’ hitmaker will host the launch, courtesy of Castel Malawi, the manufacturer of the new beer brand.

With K10, 000 at the door, participants will receive three bottles of Castel Beer.

“Castel Beer, the taste of success” is the motto of the new Castel brand which Namadingo is probably going to state as a host of the event. For some hours or so the gospel artist will be forced to drop the Book of Life (the Bible), which he has been referring to as a “Taste of successful life”.

Meanwhile, the flyer of the beer launch (depicting Patience Namadingo as the official host) has gone viral on the social media, sparking heated debate in some groups.

However, some quarters argue Namagingo has been caught in a tight fix of balancing business and preaching the word of God through music.

“Music is a business. I see nothing wrong with Namadingo hosting the beer launch,” wrote Vinjeru Soko.

However, some fans feel Namadingo has gone too far if his ministry of gospel music is anything to go by.

“Imagine, tonight is hosting a beer launch and tomorrow a gospel show. Will people take him seriously? I am not judging but this doesn’t reflect well,” said Patrick, another music fan.

However, there has also been a debate whether singing gospel music certifies one to be God-fearing or Born-Again Christian.

According to the New World Encyclopedia (,
the creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of Gospel music varies according to culture and social context. It is composed and performed for many purposes, ranging from aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, or as entertainment for the marketplace.

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