Malawi Artists Set For Urban Music Splash In SA

By Howard Mlozi, A contributor

Gagusta (Right)

A lineup of talented Malawian urban artists say all is set for the Urban Music Splash slated for this coming Sunday at Mayfair Hall (Five Avenue, situated next to Sultain Habhu Park) in the Republic of South Africa

Malawian guest artists expected to perform at the show include female raga artist Kwin Bee of ‘Ndizakudandaula’ fame, Gagusta, Kelvin and Maya Noel. The show is expected to be spiced up by upcoming urban music creams in the league of Waya, Tumix, Manzy, Ovious, Kay Dee, Edo Crosh, Genesis, Novice and many others.

Courtesy of K.G Entertainment, the Urban Music Splash seeks to celebrate urban music and promote commercial music career among up and coming artists based in South Africa, according to Focus Gagusta, one of the organizers.
“South Africa is home to talented young urban entertainers who ought to be given opportunity to showcase their potential as well as commercialize their art. Therefore, the Urban Music Splash happens to be one of the rare platforms to materialize this,” said Gagusta, who is also an artist.

Kwin Bee: Set to light up the stage

Gagusta also urged upcoming Malawian artists to be composing creative and mature songs as well as perfect their stage work in order to commercialize their art.

“The music industry is competitive. It is the survival of the fittest. But let me take this opportunity to urge upcoming urban artists to perfect their art to attract support. Only those who are serious with their
composition and stage work can clinch the market,” said Gagusta.

On her part, Kwin Bee said she was set to conquer the stage. Lately, the female raga artist has been partaking in a number of live music shows in South Africa.

“I am ready for the Urban Music Splash. This is going to be another rare opportunity to entertain fans,” said Kwin Bee.

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