Mwenefumbo Doesn’t Deserve To Be Anywhere Near The Presidency…He Is A Coward, Selfish And Naive

Mwenifumbo: He is naive

Asked to explain UDF’s position on the Lake Malawi dispute with Tanzania, UDF Presidential running mate Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo presented his personal position and said his ‘people’ (meaning his village kinsmen) would suffer a lot in any war with Tanzania.

Therefore despite that treaty history shows the disputed part of the lake belongs to Malawi, he would enter into negotiations with Tanzania with an aim to share the lake resources with Tanzania.

Yeah, although this is my Lake, let’s share the resources in it so that we don’t fight. Most importantly I don’t want to lose my retirement investment Mikoma Beach Lodge to a useless war over Lake Malawi and it’s resources.
Folks, Mwenefumbo doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the presidency or any top leadership position in Malawi. He is a coward, selfish and naive. His world revolves around his ‘people’ and his business.

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