The Myth Of Servant Leadership


Malawi politicians think only themselves and their colonies have grey matter in their cerebrum, and that the rest of us are cabbages who reason through phalanges. They take us for fools. And that’s why whenever they have a political rally, they erect for themselves well covered platform, sit on very opulent chairs, strictly making sure they sit far enough from their followers, and then one after the other, politicians in the covered platform stand to preach a sermon of servant leadership– a key message describing themselves.

Worse, they always make sure they arrive at the function late enough just to make sure their followers are cooked and tormented well enough by the ruthless sun and the boiling bare ground. It doesn’t stop there; After the function, as they are leaving, people in the covered platform greet and smile at each other, wishing one another well, but using their security detail, they make sure the nobodies don’t even touch a fabric of their outfit. And then each one of them drive home.

Mostly, their cars have spaces, but they would never pick one or two of their faithfuls going in the same direction with them. If anything, they would rather hire tired lorries and let their followers wrestle for space, or be it that they will rot, in it. And the next time we see them, they are holding another rally, and reminding us to vote for them riding their campaign messages on a horse of servant leadership.. and so as more things change, they prove to be the same.

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