Dear Faustace Chirwa…


If I say that I have hope for Malawi, I say it because of people like Faustace Chirwa. This is what she said:

“…I don’t subscribe to the decision to work with MCP and it’s leadership…” Faustace Chirwa

Any person who truly loves Malawi and knows the history of our country cannot subscribe to MCP or it’s leadership.

Especially anthu akulu akulu ngati Mayi Faustace Chirwa that saw and lived through the atrocities MCP visited on Malawi have got to live by example to make sure that there is no repeat of MCP in Malawi.

People that are as principled as Faustace Chirwa, people that value integrity are a rarity nowadays. We need more like her.

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  1. Chandiwira munthali   March 27, 2019 at 8:30 am

    Am nt politician, the appetite of the politics is nt in my veins. For simple reason.ilost my family due to politics. If they were around icoundnt be suffering to day .May be could .icould one of those who would cherish being the offspring of Chisiza, s family.iwant to remind u about the names of Chisiza dat am talking about,Yatuta kaluli Chisiza,Dunduzu kaluli Chisiza .If u may recall thy died in the hands of grandmother was brutally touchered Elvin Nyapachuma Chisiza,detained in different prisons. Most of my family’s, relatives ran away from Malawi to Zambia, Tanzania to escape the death from Mcp party led by kamuzu always my heart weeping when I saw my father was taken by young Pioneer, beaten real Sence a snake Wil never change to be crocodile. So Mcp no Mata ican hear that it’s New blood of Mcp, I still hav bad memories of of Mcp.its difficult to forget & forgive. To those who hav never this it’s simple & forget easily. In conclusion since it democracy let everyone do which is right for him.


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