Congrats MCP For Carrying The Excess Baggage Of PP’s CASHGATE: Udzuzu Ukatera Pa Ma***** Supheka



Chakwera speaking at the briefing flanked by Mia and JB -Pic by Roy Nkosi

Dr Lazarus Chakwera faces the toughest test to the claim made by most of his followers that because he is a Reverend he can make a good leader for Malawi.

He faces the challenge to show whether he has the leadership and moral stamina to say “NO” to the temptation of going to bed with evil; CASHGATE.

Or Chakwera will walk the easier and more convenient road of selling his soul to the devil and embrace theft, lies and plunder of the country resources just for the sake of political expediency and increasing his electoral victory chances.

How he handles the reality of this emerging alliance is proof that there could be the case of sensing some wolves in sheeps coats.

The reason is simple, that Cashgate happened under the watch and nurturing of PP is known by everyone including a kindergarten toddler . That PP discovered and perfected ( or call it deepened and popularized ) Cashgate during their ill fated two year tenure is also universal knowledge. And finally that because of the greed rife in PP; Cashgate boomeranged in their face and tumbled the PP from the seat of power into self imposed exile is also a universally known fact by every Malawian.

Therefore, it is stating the obvious to say that PP equals Cashgate . That sounds easy like basic algebra.

Now PP has joined MCP, Cashgate has infected MCP.

As expected MCP and all its leadership and hardcore followers have all of the sadden gone into overdrive trying to sanitize CASHGATE; Seriously? What do they take Malawians for ?

In fact overnight MCP are CASHGATE deniers like there are some NAZIS who deny the atrocities committed by Hitler and his minnows during the Second World War. MCP is doing exactly the same; denying Cashgate, simply because of its political marriage to a Mai.

What a sad manner to make a “man of God” look unrepentantly fake.

MCP Is trying hard to convince themselves to convince Malawians that CASHGATE never happened and that it does not exist. MCP is doing its best to lie to Malawians.

That is how desperately panicky MCP is about a potential 7th defeat at the polls since 1993 referendum so much so that anything goes even Cashgate ladden vessels are welcome in MCP in the quest for votes

That’s a good, albeit lazy, tactic for some folks in MCP who are typically lazy to work and are looking for any easy and backdoor ways to win the 2019 elections.

So let it be known that selling Malawians the lies that MCP has changed and that it will change the lives of Malawians for the better is a total lie because MCP is already impregnated by the CASHGATE infection after going into bed with PP.

MCP and PP think they are being clever about washing clean the Cashgate soiled linen; Except that the majority of Malawian citizens have been adequately told,by MCP, the truth about CASHGATE right from September 2013 to Wednesday 13th March 2019.

For a very very long time the story of How PP laid the foundations and executed Cashgate has been articulated by none other than MCP. The Party of Chakwera told the nation about CASHGATE.

One is sure that the so called Man of GOD will act in total respect to his profession and avoid to start lying to Malawians that Cashgate Didn’t implode during the time JB and PP were in power. His credibility is on the line here big time.

But then he is in a catch 22 situation. He is caught between keeping his reputation as a man of God or losing an opportunity to rope in an army of thieves. MCP is torn between two pole positions; good or evil. It is looking certain that the evil side will win.

The final point is that whichever way MCP moves, there are doomed anyway because CASHGATE is the so called poisoned chalice.

Those that come from the coastal areas surely learnt one thing that When one is trying to swim and survive in choppy waters, excess baggage is the last thing one wants on their back.

Excess baggage sinks one very fast.

So one can only say Congratulations to MCP for carrying the excess baggage of PP’s CASHGATE

Akakhala pa Nkhate Saapheka

3 Responses to "Congrats MCP For Carrying The Excess Baggage Of PP’s CASHGATE: Udzuzu Ukatera Pa Ma***** Supheka"

  1. John Phiri   March 19, 2019 at 9:34 am

    Koma DPP yatseguka mmimba. Since JB withdrawal from the race and endorsement of LC you have consistently attacked JB in relation to cash gate.

    In reality cashgate started with DPP. That is why the K523Billion loss under DPP is put under the carpet.

    JB thought she could do as DPP but it backfired in her face.

  2. goodman   March 19, 2019 at 1:13 pm

    The reality is that Cashgate equally JB. Linking DPP to cashgate is a perception.

  3. goodman   March 19, 2019 at 1:13 pm

    The reality is that Cashgate equals JB. Linking DPP to cashgate is a perception.


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