…When Joyce Banda Is The Cuckoo And MCP The Crow…

Chakwera and JB shake hands to symbolise their agreement -Pic by Roy Nkosi

Cuckoos (a species of birds) often lay their eggs in other bird’s nests, mostly crows. The cuckoo chicks then compete for food with the host’s own babies mostly with catastrophic results such as death of the host’s chicks. In this parasitic relationship, one species benefits in some way while another is harmed.

The MCP/PP relationship brings the cukoos/crow relationship into very sharp focus. Soon after JB fled into exile ( after losing the 2014 elections), there was a marked exodus of some senior members of her party, notably Ken Zikhale Ng’omama; Harry Mkandawire, Sosten Gwengwe; Muhamad Sidik Mia; Moses Kunkuyu et, all to MCP. This exodus panel (Led by Mia) quickly grabbed senior position in MCP at the party’s last convention (also funded by Mia). Mia became Vice President and now at the apex of the party’s driving seat in as far as its operations are concerned; Zikhale Ng’oma became Director of Strategy; Harry Mkandawire became its Vice President for the north.

Meanwhile, Chakwera was busy castigating ‘Amayi’ for being untrustworthy; for being a CASHGATE thief and for fleeing to the US with money belonging to Malawians; he demanded her to come back and to be held accountable. But in a stroke of fate (or whatever you choose to call it), the mother-cuckoo has decided to follow her chicks, and it now remains to be seen how the good Reverend will twist his American inspired tongue to find new adjectives for describing JB, or how he will exorcise the CASHGATE demons out her.
We may soon even see a recreation of a ‘cow per family’ project in MCP’ because all the ingredients are there (remember Sidik Mia supplied all the cows). The MCP/PP cuckoo scenario is not about whether the host’s chicks will be harmed; rather it is about HOW the how they will die. We will see that in just over 60 days…

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  1. Capetown   October 12, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    Mrs Cashgate is hiding in RSA under bushiris arm . come in holidays you meet her in camps bay, Good wood where bushiri run his evil spirits .


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