Cashgate Queen Joyce Banda Owes Malawians Apology

Foster F. Fundi

What else have I missed the last few weeks I have been away other than Phyllis Sweet Juici’s birthday. Am told Promiscuous Party a.k.a People’s Party of bankrupt shortest serving and most corrupt former leader of Malawi Joyce Banda opted to enter into political marriage of convenience with a tyrannical and totalitarian party (MCP) after a rejected lascivious wink at power-hungry, overambitious and avaricious Chilima of a social media based party UTM.

For those who have been following this page for years would recall what I wrote and predicted about the end of political career of madam Joyce Banda. I received heavy criticism then and a barrage of insults from her supporters. The fact is Joyce Banda is bankrupt as I predicted. Washington, DC is our turf. No matter how high you fly in Malawi, we have the scissors to clip your wings when you cross the border to ply your trade in our neighborhood. We sealed off all the taps and influence to the executive branch. We may not have titles but we have the influence to fight back in a way that will shock your conscious. I made a promise not to criticize Joyce Banda out of respect for the woman. I will stick to that promise today even though I have the urge to do so to this once invisible and arrogant politician.

I hope Chilima will learn from Joyce Banda and respect our role in making or breaking high flying and arrogant political leaders in Malawi. Now that Joyce Banda is bowing out of active politics, I pledge to support her civilian initiatives on one condition. She owes an apology to Malawians for looting government coffers during her presidency of what was left for poor Malawians and enriched herself and her cronies as well as family members.

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