Chihana Disowns MCP Propaganda On UTM: I Don’t Write Standard 2 English

Chihana: I don’t write Standard 2 English

In their desperate attempt to attack UTM President Saulos Chilima, MCP propagandists took another low over the weekend fabricating a letter that claimed to have come Aford President Enoch Chihana.

In the letter which was heavily shared by MCP social media mercenaries, commonly known as Young Reptiles, the propagandists fabricated that Chihana was angry with UTM over partnership agreements.

However, when contacted Chihana trashed the letter, saying it is fake.

“Just dismiss it. Don’t glorify it. It is fake. I don’t write Standard 2 English,” said Chihana.

In a WhatsApp conversation to a friend (screenshot made available to Malawi Voice), Chihana also says he and Chilima are like brothers and if there was an issue he would have verbally communicated with him and not write the Secretary General. Just hours after announcing a partnership with Joyce Banda’s PP, MCP has gone on the offensive defending itself or attacking others in a view to conceal the liability that PP has brought them.

Analysts insist not only will most PP supporters defy Banda to vote for MCP but also that, as Queen Mother of theft herself, she has dented MCP to the core.

Apart from cashgate, Banda sold Malawi’s presidential jet as well as going too low to tell her Ministers in 2014 to loot to fund their campaigns.

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