President Prof Mutharika Has Been Debating And Winning Since 2014

The media debates organised for the political parties have drawn a great interest from the public. Funny enough, the “Best debater” is only based on which party you support. Merits of the arguments count for nothing.

To take a person of a stature of President Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika to such debates would really be an insult to his intelligence. This statement is carefully made, and it is not meant to be an insult to those who endorse the debates. My point is, the debates only serve nothing but an entertainment value to the audience.

Sharing such cramped-up time leaves very little time for real policy articulation. Policy is a very serious subject, which only the DPP seems to know and take seriously.

President Mutharika has been debating since coming into office. Fortunate for Malawians, APM’s debate has not been verbal, but based on his work and delivery. This has been to the great benefit for Malawians.

President Mutharika found inflation in the mid-‘30s, he worked hard to drop to one digit, nine percent. He found interest rate in the ‘30s as well, he dropped it to 14%.

He found FOREX cover almost non-existent, and he extended it to 6 months, the longest in history. He found economic growth in a decline, at around 2%, and he pushed it to 6%, now hovering around 4%.

Mutharika found the economy on its knees, and he pulled it back to recovery. Donors had fled the country. The governement was bankrupt. Today Malawi’s economy is flourishing, the government self-sustaining with its own budget.

In 2018, Malawi became the top performer in SADC in terms of economic growth measured through the GDP. Malawi was on 5,7% GDP growth while the African economic powerhouse, South Africa, was struggling to get even 1% growth. South Africa was in fact in a recession which they came out of in February this year.

Mutharika found no roads, and he implemented projects that will roll out stretches of roads, connecting Malawians. Rehabilitated the aging infrastructure. Built bridges. Extended universities to increase the capacity to take more students. Built hospitals, schools, and sporting infrastructure.

Mutharika’s work is there for those with eyes to see. The projects delivered by President Mutharika in the past four years are close to 200. You go through pages when reading the list. Each district has at least five projects delivered. I said each district, right from Chitipa to Nsanje.

As we speak, the past week, APM had four projects to launch. He postponed two of the launches because he wanted to go and focus on helping flood victims.

With such a great delivery record, what do you want APM to go debate? Do you want him to go and stand shoulder to shoulder with parties that have nothing to show and “debate” with them? Why must APM and the DPP legitimise the charade that serves nothing beyond entertainment value?

Let the opposition “debate” about the promises they want to make while APM and the DPP are busy delivering for Malawians.

Delivery and running a government does not need a “debate”, delivery needs commitment. It needs integrity, patriotism, and hard work – which are the values that APM has been living.

Next time someone asks you or the DPP to a debate, show them a road, and ask them to debate against the road. Show them a list of 200 developments implemented by the DPP government, ask them to debate against those. It is impossible! It is impossible to debate against real visible delivery.

APM has been debating against poverty since 2014. As we speak, he is debating his way into taking Malawi from poverty to prosperity. I am glad he chose not to waste time with distractions and side-shows.

KTC (PhD), an international expert, a scholar, political/ social commentator.

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  1. Sato   March 17, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Praise and worship. No achievement to speak about unless you provide set targets.


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