Inside The MCP/PP Electoral Alliance Deal, Roy Kachali To Be Finance Minister

Kachale: Begging for ministerial position

Weeks after she withdrew from the UTM/PP deal reportedly because Dr. Saulos Chilima refused to take her son as running mate, former President Joyce Banda has proved to be a materialistic leader after she successfully negotiated to have her son as Finance Minister once the MCP/PP alliance wins the elections.

We can exclusively reveal that MCP has bulged in to her demands which will further see five other cabinet positions go to PP with the short-lived running mate Jerry Jana and Ibrahim Matola as possible ministers.

JB has also negotiated to have herself become a salaried international enjoy more or less like a Foreign Affairs Minister. 

The former President, infamous for cashgate theft which came after she openly told her ministers in 2014 to find means to fund their campaign leading wanton plunder of public resources, was reportedly keen to have his son as Finance Minister.

“We wonder what she is up to. She made it clear that if Roy will not be Finance then no deal,” said an MCP insider.

Banda, who sold Malawi’s presidential jet and claimed to have used the proceeds to buy maize, has further brought discomfort to Khumbo Kachali who earlier also endorsed MCP.

“There is tension for this deal. MCP veterans are not happy with the demands that Banda has bargained on. Kachali is bitter and so too is Harry Mkandawire as their importance has now been neutralised by Banda’s coming,” said a source close to the talks.

The source also said running mate Sidik  Mia had earlier opposed to JB’s coming, advising the party president Lazarus Chakwera that Banda is a liability in as far as cashgate allegations are concerned.

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