I know what am about to write won’t sound good in the ears of the opposition, but I have this to say.

Our president APM is the only presidential candidates who is caring and loving Malawi has. Why am I saying so? Below are my clear points

  1. It is only APM who among the many presidential candidates who walks his talk, APM promised Malawians that at the end of 5 years he will improve road networks, roads connecting different parts of towns, areas, cities have been constructed. We have very beautiful roads and highways, for example the lilongwe bunda bypass road, the city centre bingu stadium highway, falls road, just to mention a few.
  2. APM promised Malawians that he will bring community colleges, now we have the colleges. Why important are these community colleges? A. Skill development and improvement among the youths. We find youths developing different skills which will in the near future be converted into employment.

B. Employment. We have seen many youths and adults getting employments in these colleges

C. These also will help the governement of Malawi to stabilise or boost it’s economy. Malawians will be able to export different things, materials which will be products of these colleges

  1. Access to information. It is under the leadership of His Excellency Peter Munthalika where Malawians can access information as they want. His government removed all the locks which were preventing Malawians from accessing the much needed information by them.
  2. Freedom to speech. Under the government of APM people can speak anyhow without being questioned. We see people insulting the president, questioning the government without being infringed of their rights. This was not the case with MCP government. During MCP, if you dared to question their government, you could be penalised.
  3. Listening and addressing people’s concern. It is only APM amongst all presidential candidates who can listen to people and address their concerns. Just recently we have seen APM taking care of people with Albinism. Though a certain group of these brothers and sisters chose to rebel and partner with the opposition, but still we find APM the father of all taking care of them. We find APM providing food, shelter and protection to all the people with Albinism.
  4. APM is respectiful and never responds harshly to his critics. Though some people choose to be his critics, but still APM respects them and never responds harshly to thier criticism. For example, we have seen the opposition harshly and bitterly calling APM different disrepectiful names, but we haven’t seen and heard APM responding. APM is a president everyone needs.

Having mentioned why Malawians need APM, let me enlighten you why the opposition always oppose to even the developments APM has brought and is still bringing.

  1. As we all know it’s a presidential race, everyone wants to advance his chances of clinging to the position. It’s just unfortunate that Malawians we can’t see and note (though others can), but let’s get to know that the opposition parties we have in Malawi doesn’t want to one day see Malawi and better place for us all, but rather they want to one day see their party leaders at State House. How dangerous is this? This is dangerous because Malawi will always be a devastated country because our opposition leaders are not concerned and interested with Malawi’s development but the presidency position. I will give you this example, no opposition leader have ever applauded APM for the development he is doing, but rather they just condemn, criticise and insult. This is so because they fear to market APM (though he is already popular) to Malawians and out side Malawi hence advancing his winning chances (though he is already a winner)
  2. The opposition parties in Malawi will always politicise everything. We have seen the opposition politicising everything even the current sad issue (killing the people with Albinism – stop the killing of people with Albinism!!!). Instead of the opposition working towards finding solutions to this problem, they have rather chosen to hide behind this issue and encourage our brothers to fight the government. From the look of things, our brothers with Albinism were and are always willing to dialogue with the president, but it’s unfortunate that the opposition started using these brothers as tools to fight the government. We thank God because their plan failed. APM provided food, shelter and security to these brothers till they went back to their homes.
  3. The opposition have weakned our CSOs by using them at times by being behind them to fight the government. We have seen this several times even during the demo which took place in 2018. The opposition and the CSOs could hold hands in one voice against government. The opposition in Malawi takes advantage of everything. Having said this, now why should we vote for APM?
  4. He is the only capable presidential aspirants who can continue developing Malawi
  5. There will be continued freedom of speech
  6. There will be continued differentiation and seperation of development and politics.
  7. Crime rate will continue to reduce in Malawi
  8. All Malawians regardless of tribe, party affiliation, will continue enjoying the benefits of being Malawians.
  9. Local and national investiments will improve and boost.
  10. Malawi will continue being a home for all.

Therefore, I ask all Malawians to vote for APM because he cares, develops, listens and acts. If you love Malawi, vote for APM. Let the opposition be in the opposition. No opposition party can make a good government. Vote for APM, VOTE for prosperity. May God bless Malawi.

By Josh Chambukeni

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