President Mutharika Commissions Liwonde Barrage, The New Liwonde Bridge

Speech by President Peter Mutharika during the commissioning of the New Kamuzu Barrage, 18 February 2019

I am delighted to be here with you to commission the New Kamuzu Barrage.

This barrage has two functions. The barrage controls waterflow for us to generate electricity for our homes and businesses. This barrage is also a bridge for everyone.

The first barrage which Dr Kamuzu Banda built was old and risky to lives. We needed a new barrage here in Liwonde. That is why we started this project in 2014.

And I want to thank the World Bank and the engineers for a job well done.

Liwonde is an important place in this country. And I want Liwonde to be well developed.

Liwonde is part of the international corridor that connects us to Nacala Port and the rest of the world.

Liwonde is on the rail line that connects us to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Congo and other parts of the region.

The construction of this barrage is another mile forward in the progress of infrastructure development. Like other regions of this country, I want every part of the Eastern Region developed. Every part of the region must be accessible.

I don’t want to hear anything like “remote parts of Malawi” because every region deserves development. There is no reason why some parts of the country should be considered remote.q Every Malawian is important. Every Malawian deserves development.

Very soon, we will complete the magnificent Liwonde-Mangochi Road because I want us to access the beauty of the lake with ease. And one day, we will make Mangochi another city. This is our vision. We are working on turning Mangochi into municipality.

We have started constructing another new road from Mangochi through Chilipa to Helena. Let us open up every part of Malawi.

Let us make Eastern Region a well-connected part of Malawi. We have started constructing a new road from Machinga to Blantyre — connecting from Chingale Turn-Off to Lirangwe.

We are soon going to upgrade the Zomba-Liwonde-Balaka Road. Soon, we will start constructing the road from Mangochi to Makanjira.

In five more years, Malawi will be a beautiful country connected with nice  roads everywhere.

In five more years, we want every part of Malawi, every village community connected to electricity. Everyone in the village deserves a good life.

In five more years, we want to see community technical colleges in every constituency. We are empowering youth and women in every constituency with skills.

In five more years, we are creating more jobs, bringing more development and changing more lives. Let us make a better, more prosperous Malawi.

With these remarks, I declare the New Kamuzu Barrage commissioned.

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