APM Has To Tighten His Toughness

Well, I like APM. I just do. Of course, APM is democratic, calm and tolerant. All these are strong powerful political virtues that fit perfectly in the ring of democratic dispensation that we are in. However, when not properly delineated and dispatched, these virtues disparage and debase the frame of leadership they exist in. And I feel APM could be overdoing them, and hence reflecting negatively on his leadership.

This is why I liked his brother, Bingu, even more. Big knew the art of mixing the right amount of ingredients for effective leadership. He understood, people mostly need effective leadership and not necessarily good leadership.

Bingu’s style of leadership was ensconced and grounded on Marchiavellian principles of politics. For example, at the time of his election into office, there was a shameful lapse of security in the country.

Bingu understood the Marchiavellian principle that states, “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.”

Thus, while the the ideal situation for a ruler is to be both feared and loved, it is rare that he can be both at the same time, and so since it is the nature of men to more easily betray those they love than fear, Machiavelli asserted it is better to be feared.

So Bingu ordered the police to ‘shoot to kill’ perpetrators of crime. Well, as usual, CSOs made noise. But Bingu stood his ground. And thieves and murderers unequivocally understood he was not joking. So crime was rooted out.

APM might not love to hear this, but Chakwera is right. The battle to stop the genocide against persons with albinism lies in us all, but it starts with the President.

He must stop making statements that express ‘saddening and worries’ and begin to make orders. He did it with Anamapopa and it worked. Let him do it again.

And APM was right, this is not about politics. It is simply listening to what can best end the brutal killings. (By Focus Maganga)

2 Responses to "APM Has To Tighten His Toughness"

  1. Mr. Ibu   February 15, 2019 at 5:58 pm

    Mr. IBU is not fit to be Malawi leader. He takes time to decide, he is involved in corruption and so many deficiencies.

  2. Gogo of Albino   February 16, 2019 at 3:12 am

    Instilling presidential fear in people?? So Bingu ordered shooting of young people in July 2011, then weeks later, went all the way to Mzuzu to celebrate with alcohol -the murders he had ordered , while helpless families and the entire Mzuzu were still mourning. To cut the long story short, these ” tough” orders did contribute to Bingu ‘s sudden death. He targeted wrong souls, innocent young peopke. As for Peter, he shoild not be “warning” Chakwela over albino killings. His target should be Jose who is not doing his job. Otherwise we shall continue to call Peter a coward president who us sleeping on his job.
    Now, you dare not target me, ok!


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