On APM’s Choice Of Chimulirenji For Runningmate

I got a little too busy towards the end of the week. I was therefore unable to comment on two important submissions of presidential nomination papers at Comesa Hall. The first one was the submission of Atupele Muluzi with Frank Mwenefumbo and second was the mother of all candidates, President Mutharika with Everton Chimulirenji.

On Atupele and Frank, all I can say is that I like them both. They are very mature, sober and brilliant politicians. They are both rare talents and it is sad they are contesting when it is not possible for them to win. It is not a good thing to waste such great political talent on fruitless presidential ambitions. They need to get into an alliance with a winning team which is DPP.

Now, on President Mutharika and Chimulirenji, it will be wrong and unfair for me to comment because I do not comment on things that I am ignorant about. I believe in knowledge, information and facts. Unfortunately, I do not possess adequate information and facts on Chimulirenji for me to comment on whether he has the potential to give voters confidence, pull the numbers and make a great vice president or not. He is very new to me and I am still gathering the needed facts about his personal and political profiles so that I can give him a fair and informed analysis.

However, I have full confidence and trust in President Mutharika. Mutharika is a political genius of our generation and he has excellent political judgment. For example, Mutharika is the only politician in Malawi who managed to win elections from the Opposition and the only politician who managed to successfully lead a party, whose founder had died, into greatness. He is the only political leader in Malawi to have done that. All parties in Malawi whose founders died or retired, die and retire with the founder, but not DPP with Peter Mutharika.

As a result, I trust that Mutharika’s choice of Chimulirenji is an excellent choice. Mutharika is not a novice at politics. He is the master strategist. He could only choose Chimulirenji if he was perfectly sure that Chimulirenji brings in the needed value and that together they will win the May 21 Elections. I stand with Mutharika and Chimulirenji, and I support their candidacy with all my heart. (By Lyson Sibande)

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