Uladi Mussa Shakes Up Mchinji-Says DPP Winning 2019 Polls

Uladi: DPP Is Winning in May

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice president Uladi Mussa says the governing partyis not shaken by other political parties saying DPP will win the forth coming polls.

Mussa was speaking in Mchinji at Kapiri grounds during a political rally.

Mussa said  DPP is not even scared  with the so called alliances that other parties have formed.

The alliance involves recent-past governing People’s Party (PP), newly registered UTM Party, Alliance for Democracy (Aford) and six others under the banner of Tikonze People’s Movement.

But soon after its formation the alliances broke up.

The parties promised to unveil their joint presidential candidate which happened to be Saulos Chilima.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Henry Mussa recently said  that there is no incredible bright spark that the opposition alliances is holding that will draw voters away from the DPP.

However, speaking at Kapiri School Ground in Mchinji, Uladi Mussa who was accompanied by Central Region Governor Binton Kutsaira, Presidential advisor on political affairs Dini Josaya and some central region committee, said DPP has set up a very strong foundation to be shaken by opposition block in the name of alliances.

Among other reasons, Mussa said the DPP is set to win the elections because it  has ensured that the country is food secure and that no hunger-related-death has been registered during the DPP five year term.

Mussa added that the DPP has initiated major projects across the central region as factors which
cannot move Malawians away from DPP.

He then eloquently challenged that DPP has given central region more developments than any region in Malawi.

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  1. Dicky   February 9, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    That Mchinji is shaken up with DPP it is untrue
    These politicians are liers I was there Kapiri is for MCP and not DPP
    They are just cheating themselves


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