The Blue Camp Sends a Strong Message

F To send the message, ‘ana achepa’, DPP brought in one place flamboyance, fragrance and finasse.

As the DPP presidential candidate in 2019 tripartite elections, Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika, was submitting his nomination papers to Malawi Electoral Commission, he did not come alone. He came to send a strong message. He came with a purpose. So a mammoth crowd of blue army descended like a thick cloud copiusly and conspicously hovering in Blantyre streets while bellowing a strong message that elegance, opulence and grandeur stays in the blue camp.

Well, DPP’s critics may argue it has been a missed penalty because of the choice of the runningmate. He is deemed politically weak and less known. But I guess DPP finds solace in the shrine of realisation that great enpirors are made strong because of their loyal following. So the choice of the runningmate matters, but a well defined domain of loyal following matters even more.

So the message has been sent, and it is clear DPP’s opponents will have to be double strategic to dismantle and boot out the blue king. While many people may not identify themselves with the blue glory, they are, unfortunately, too divided and operating in too many political staccato and cliques to warrant victory .

(By Focus Maganga)

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