“If you think there is no democracy in Africa, come to Malawi”…MALAWI SHOULD BE PROUD!

If you think there is no democracy in Africa, come to Malawi….We got #Level1Democracy down pack!!
For My non Malawian friends let me give you a picture:
The VP is running against the President – different parties. No problem, he still has his job and campaigning going on peacefully.
An opposition leader was appointed to cabinet a couple of years ago. He’s running for president under his party banner against the president, still has his job and life peacefully goes on.
Former President Joyce Banda of a different party is running too, no one is waving former corruption charges to stop her candidacy….
We have 5 vibrant parties going into this election.
DPP – Ruling Party
PP – Ex President Joyce Banda party
UDF- Sitting Cabinet Minister’s Party.
MCP – Original nation founding party (Malawi’s ANC)
UTM – Sitting VP’s new party

No violence, no drama, no insecurity. We in Malawi are going about our lives and eating our nsima (sadza/ugali) like nothings happening.
Very few countries in Africa can boast of this.
Malawi should be proud!

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