“Micheal Usi might be an amateur in the courtroom of politics, but he is not a weakling”

Micheal Usi is definitely not the real joker UTM party president Saulos Chilima was concealing to unveil at the very last minute in the run-up to 2019 tripartite elections. It was definitely not for Micheal Usi that Chilima employed Machiavellian politics and betrayed his political love affair with the former governing Peoples Party. Chilima had somebody else in mind, taller in political stature than Usi.

He possibly was engaging in a social intercourse with that person, and devoted his energy to wow and convince that big cat. Sadly, that person stood his ground and rebuffed Chilima. And again time was running out, and he needed a partner.

So Chilima possibly looked around and stretched his hands to pick from within. No wonder the choice of the adage he catapulted while delivering his speech.

He said, ‘pozimitsa Moto sumasakha madzi’. Well, this is deep and condensed, and whatever he meant, the fact remains he needed somebody to partner with.

The choice of Usi, strictly speaking did not meet the bar of expectation in the mind of many. We expected a heavyweight and not a comedian.

But hey, Micheal Usi might be an amateur in the courtroom of politics, but he is not a weakling.

About two years ago, Micheal Usi threw us in the stream of surprise when he said in an exclusive interview with The Times his employer (ADRA) can never fire him because he knows his job well beyond the barometer of enough. And truly, the employer did not reiterate.

And again, Everytime Micheal Usi stands on a political podium, he mesmerises his audience with an excellent choice of words and articulation of issues. More so, he has a clear philosophy of what needs to be done, and though he is politically not as prominent as MCP’s Sidik Mia, he is by far smarter and more wowing.

That said, it is clear, he is not the political bride Chilima wanted, but at least he is not a joke. He is a perfomer. This man must be taken seriously…(By Focus Chembe Maganga)

One Response to "“Micheal Usi might be an amateur in the courtroom of politics, but he is not a weakling”"

  1. David Nawanga Chinyati   February 11, 2019 at 4:43 pm

    We’re proud abt UTM .we need looks something can change. We r Malawian tikufuna Malawi okomela tonse osati awo……Undunawo inu nokha a nzeru. Mwanyoza anyamata chifukwa chani. Taonani mai ko kuli anyamata. ….chitukuko choke la.


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