Is It The Re-emergence Of The Yellow Empire?

UDF presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi’s speech at Comesa Hall in Blantyre during submission of nomination papers to Malawi Electoral Commission presented the spice, juice and honey that was conspicously missing in Joyce Banda’s speech.

While JB’s speech lacked substance to explain both the implication and significance of her unceremonius self-exposed exile after 2014 tripartite elections and confession that she is too old and tired to lead, Atupele’s speech was missiled to answer questions pertaining to the chemistry of his candidature.

Atupele, an eloquent and powerful speaker of an elite class, began his speech in English. The English version of his speech themed ‘Freedom for all’ was simply a bombshell. It was unifying and rendering home.

However, the Chichewa version addressed matters of concern about his candidature. For five years, he has consistently been serving in the APM government, the man he plots to unseat. Worse, he is still in government.

This is a matter of serious concern. And most people felt he denatured and smashed his own party by supporting the ruling regime. However, Atupele had a powerful and well crafted response for this.

He said by serving in the present government under different ministerial he proved it is possible to unite and build Malawi while holding political, religious and social sttacos.

He furthered the support for his presidential bid by arguing he is now more politically exposed and experienced than even before.

And true to his words, UDF proved it is not a ‘kitchen party’. The god of the yellow empire is not dead.

And by not partnering with UTM or DPP, UDF has also levelled the ground. Surely UDF is unlikely, in my view, to carry the day in the forthcoming elections, but the fact remains it is a major party with strong party infrastructures and loyal following. (By Focus Chembe Maganga)

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